The car interior trim mold? What are the precautions for car mouldproof rainy season

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
In the summer, hot humid air, many owners will worry about car interior trim mold to do. So, you don't worry, China auto parts below small make up with all of you on the car interior trim mold? What are the precautions for anti-mold rainy season car? Car interior trim mold to do 1. Activated charcoal activated carbon as a natural universal air purifier, purify the easy, pollution-free natural features, is a very excellent adsorbent. Small make up to tell you that activated charcoal has a dual characteristic of physical adsorption and chemical adsorption, can be selectively adsorption of formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and ammonia in the air is the main culprit, in-car air pollution in order to achieve anticorrosive, moistureproof, deodorant, mouldproof, sterilization, air purification, etc. Common activated carbon type air purifier on the market at present with bamboo charcoal for, can increase the healthy negative ions in the air, the air is more fresh and clean. General price in the $20 - 50 yuan, and it is very convenient to use, in the ordinary course of auto supplies store can be purchased. 2. Photocatalytic catalyst photocatalytic catalyst is a kind of advanced in-car air purification technology, the principle is the use of ultraviolet lamp irradiation on the built-in light accelerant mesh, then he would have a photocatalytic effect, rapid sterilization, air purification effect, the price in hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan. Use method is simple, you as long as the catalyst to spray on the inner wall of the car and decorations, when light on the coating surface, light catalyst can be for photosynthesis, quickly decompose pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene in the air, solve the problem of air pollution in the car. 3. Solar electronic air cleaner compared with activated carbon and photocatalytic sprays, the electronic air cleaner's price is higher, according to the energy gain methods can be divided into cigarette lighter and solar energy. And the way of using solar power electronics price, air purifier solar electronic air purifier purify air function more powerful, moreover also has additional features such as increasing oxygen. Even in the condition of cars not start all can use, it can in the cloudy day, snow day, such as weak light environment, keen to capture the sun light energy, purify the air inside the car, and no pollution. What are the precautions for rainy season car mouldproof cars mouldproof moistureproof three steps natural ultraviolet rays of the sun is a good way of free disinfection. So, small make up to tell you, when the weather is fine, you can find a good position, will open all the doors and boot cover and let the car's moisture discharge, ventilation, and then the car foot pad, chair cover, tear open come down to dry cleaning. When making the car clean moistureproof, pay attention to the following three steps. 1. Clean first: don't let go of a corner in the humid climate, ensure the cleanness of the car is very important, must clean when washing the car floor mat, leather and fabric upholstery chair cushion, etc. Small make up remind you, be careful not to put too much stuff in the car, such as seat on both sides of the glove box abandoned snack bags, paper towels, conveniently placed on the shoes, cloth, etc. , and even forget throw on the cart fruit for a long time, they are very prone to mould, pollute the air in the car. Although each car before they go out, interior is considered the mildew problem, but also can not hold up against so much 'alien'. 2. Ventilation: automobile air conditioning health if long time no using air conditioning, the careful your internal air conditioning has been breeding ground for bacteria, or mildew. In general, auto radiator, condenser surface as the vehicle running slowly covered a lot of dust and debris, vehicles causes the issue such as difference of high water temperature and air conditioning refrigeration effect. Too much when the air-conditioning duct and evaporator surface dust and impurities, is prone to mildew to change, especially in the back to south day such solar terms such as a large number of bacteria can develop. If when you turn on air conditioning, smell the smell, so small make up recommend you, must be before the use of air conditioning, water tank cleaning the surface of the condenser, the air conditioning system for aseptic, replace the air filter, the flow of pipe to the air conditioning system via 'air'. 3. Finally wetted, regular open air conditioning when many owners think the car is a little bit tide, largely ignored. If so, not only mold, part of the car's interior maintenance is not good. It is best to find tide cars, 'sobbed wet' inside the car, it is not difficult to operate, need not like a home to buy smoke wet machine, 4 s shop maintenance teacher tell you small make up a very worry the desiccant solution: make use of the automobile air conditioning. Perhaps you only know the car air conditioning can be used to adjust the temperature inside the car, and neither too hot nor too cold in the south of the season, a lot of car owners would rather open a window open air conditioning, this will only make the car more wet. Maintenance master points out: open the car air conditioning air conditioning and air circulation system, smoke wet effect is very obvious, principle as cool in summer. More about 'the car interior trim mold? What are the precautions for rainy season car mouldproof 'small make up is introduced here, the content of the hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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