The carburetor can be divided into which a few kinds

by:DEFUS     2020-05-19
Carburetor can be divided into which a few kinds

release date: 2015 - 4 - 9 11:12:16

carburetor is the heart of the engine is known to all, is the work of helping hand engine operation. To cater to different types of engine, carburetor also has many types, such as motorcycle carburetor, auto carburetor, tricycle carburetor slightly difference, but their effect is the same. Here follow the kinds of carburetor manufacturers together to see it:

according to the installation can be divided into the carburetor, the carburetor, flat suction under the carburetor and carburetor; According to the cavity number can be divided into single lumen carburetor carburetor carburetor and four cavity, double cavity, multi-cavity carburetor only used in automobile gasoline engine. According to the throttle action sequence is divided into and dynamic carburetor carburetor and points two kinds, and all the cavity of the dynamic carburetor throttle action at the same time, by the cavity respectively to supply some cylinder mixture; Is under most conditions points move carburetor with half cavity supply mixture, in order to get good economical efficiency. In large load, the other half of cavity also take part in the work, more than part of the mixture of supply, in order to get more powerful. Special use of internal combustion engine, usable without the carburetor float chamber.

well, that's the carburetor type, if you want to choose and buy carburetor can come to our factory, the factory in the production of various types of carburetor, high quality, reasonable price, welcome to visit the choose and buy.

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