The carburetor cleaner characteristics and directions for use

by:DEFUS     2020-05-22
Carburetor cleaner features and use

release date: 2015 - 1 - 19 14:37:33

carburetor cleaner is mainly used for cleaning the carburetor. It is also applicable to the various components and the individual parts oil and carbon deposit on the surface of the metal cleaning. What are the characteristics of the carburetor? How do we use? Carburetor factory Yang hua machinery factory to give us one by one answer:

1, don't have to remove the carburetor, you can clean the carburetor choke valve and control valve, quick invasion, osteoporosis and remove carburetor automatic choke, PVC valve, EGR valve, orifice and other components of gelatin, carbon deposit and oil deposits.

2, on the carburetor with injection pipe flushing is easier to remove sediment.

3, converter for catalytic cracking, such as oxidation induction plug without damage.

4, solve the engine idle speed instability, start the difficult problem, at the same time can also achieve the goal of maintenance of the engine.

method of use:

1, remove the upper part of the carburetor cleaner air filter;

2, start the engine and step on the gas in turn keep ran 3000 turn above;

3, shake this product after the injection pipe is installed in the fuel injector nozzle;

4, will a part ( About a third) Through balance hole into the carburetor float chamber, and this part cleaner with the flow of fuel oil clean the orifice and oil;

5, will a part ( About a third) Is sprayed into the carburetor throat and the place such as the lining;

6, the rest of the detergent into the carburetor of external, to remove external sludge and colloid;

7, general use once every 6000 km or special maintenance use.

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