The carburetor oil

by:DEFUS     2020-05-31
The carburetor oil to do

release date: 2014 - 9 - 4 11:24:01

carburetor is cars, motorcycles and a variety of small gasoline engines to use, can be to set a good proportion of the air and petrol mixing and atomization, then provide to engine combustion of a device. The role of the carburetor on the engine is very important, but due to long-term use, carburetor will inevitably produce the phenomenon of oil spill.

the carburetor oil? In general, most of carburetor oil float needle valve is caused by corrosion, as long as can sometimes see float to unload carburetor float needle top tip slightly bent, if the carburetor cleaning doesn't work, will float stitches in a new mount can also solve the problem of oil, and it can reduce the cost of repair. Other carburetor oil the best inside the fuel tank switch to add a carburetor is the filter paper cup, if carburetor use time for a long time is very long, suggest it is better to put on a big home better new carburetor, also can help you save a little money.

overall, proposed the first cleaning, carburetor oil spill occurs if things did not improve can go to the shop to replace some accessories, carburetor, are generally triangle needle or float oil. Remember don't give carburetor assembly, is too old for new, not only expensive, because in assembly and replacement after running-in is needed.

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