The cause of motorcycle inferior

by:DEFUS     2020-05-26

motorcycle starting difficulty, climbing ability is poor, the suddenly accelerated speed of response is slow, the road is very difficult to reach a top speed of or within the given time completely reach the highest speed, impact speed, let the driver is very upset. In fact this is primarily a motorcycle acceleration, weakness and influence of the main causes of motorcycle acceleration is oil, motorcycle boundary.

the gas ignition after the outbreak of motorcycle inferior mixture into thin ACTS on the piston thrust is not enough, and the burning time longer, such as fault engine overheating. Its judgment inferior reason to speed up bad in the running, with the hand toggle damper or pump oil, accelerate the improvement, without using a tangy mixture appeared the phenomenon of the weak acceleration, it shows that the motorcycle in boundary condition. The cause of the inferior mainly can be divided into the following points: ( 1) Carburetor reason: the main oil adjust needle is too low; Low oil plane adjustment; The main orifice partially blocked; Loose carburetor interface leak; Air filter not installed; The fuel tank switch oil supply. ( 2) Two-stroke engine crank case sealed: generator side of the crankshaft oil seal failure leakage; Crankcase raphe faying surface leakage; Faying surface leakage or crankcase and cylinder piston assembly wrong direction. ( 3) Reason two stroke engine reed valve: reed valve damage. Rotary valve installed backwards, cause and carburetor jet.

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