The cause of the carburetor tempering

by:DEFUS     2020-05-23
The cause of the carburetor tempering

release date: 2014 - 8 - 5 14:44:42

carburetor tempering phenomenon, it refers to the phenomenon of flame from the intake manifold to the carburetor. In general, the cause of the carburetor tempering is mostly mixture rare, ignition time too early, also can check whether the inlet valve is closed lax or valve clearance is too small, whether the inlet pipe of leak.

in the process of driving the car, only turn the throttle grip slowly and steadily, the envoys valve opening increases gradually, into the mixing chamber of the carburetor air and gasoline ratio appropriate, the engine can work normally.

if wild throttle wrap refueling, carburetor throttle opening will increase sharply, causing a large amount of air flowing through the carburetor at a high speed. Because of the petrol than air illiquid, can't timely by the quantity of fuel injector nozzle jet corresponding mixed with air, thus make the mixture becomes relatively loose.

this thin mixture in the cylinder was set ablaze after the burning speed is slower than the normal mixture, the engine at the end of the exhaust stroke, the mixture also continue to burn, then the beginning of the intake stroke, just fresh mixture into the cylinder was lit immediately, and has been ignited to the carburetor, which appear carburetor tempering phenomenon.

carburetor tempering is a kind of abnormal combustion phenomenon, it produces one of the biggest drawbacks after tempering is caused by operation of the engine power to drop, the advantage of the carburetor reflect not to come out.

such as carburetor tempering combustion flame overflow outside the cylinder, which may cause fire accidents, this aspect of the story, especially some passenger car engine tempering and fire, as a result causes heavy casualties accident, therefore, must cause enough attention and take effective prevention measures, in order to guarantee the safe operation of the vehicle, engine asked not to have & other Tempering & throughout; “ Shooting & throughout; Phenomenon, so find out the cause of the carburetor tempering after timely measures should be taken to be ruled out.

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