The characteristics of the watt linkage horizontal stabilizer bar and watt the difference between the connecting rod

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
The characteristics of the watt linkage horizontal stabilizer bar and watt linkage, the difference between a today ( ) Small make up to bring the watt linkage of the difference between the characteristics of the horizontal stabilizer bar and watt linkage solutions, hope you can like it. The nature of the watt linkage watt linkage 'watt linkage' was originally by the legendary inventor and engineer James Invented by watt. This structure is used for the torsion beam suspension, in order to reduce the influence of rear wheel lateral force on wheel toe-in. Also reduces the lateral force on corners of centrifugal, made on both sides of the wheel bearing is always keep the most suitable contact with the road, to achieve the best adhesion. On the one hand, improve the ride comfort of vehicle, has strengthened the vehicle tracking. 'Watt connecting rod is in the rear suspension control the increase of the push rod, two push rod through leveraged institutions connection, interaction, restrict each other range, so can reduce the compression and stretching rate on both sides of the suspension, ensure that relations between the vertical movement of the body and the axle. On both sides of the suspension force more even, the vehicle roll will be significantly reduced. Especially in extreme cases, such as turning can greatly improve stability of car body. 'Watt linkage' has become the general's patent, now cruze, English lang ( Parameter | photo) , lang ( Parameter | photo) Models after the suspension, such as using the watt linkage, the arrangement is 'up' to decorate, both control the beam Angle and roll. Some people say that the torsion beam with watt linkage is equivalent to independent suspension, but in fact it didn't multi-link independent suspension. Although control body posture and stability are all very good, the auto mobile reveal have some credit, but because of the limitation of the congenital essence, not completely equal to independent suspension. The difference between the horizontal stabilizer bar and watt linkage of car suspension system can be divided into independent suspension and the independent suspension, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. In order to better play to the characteristics of the suspension, to overcome the shortcomings, people joined some play a special role in the suspension of the connecting rod, such as the horizontal stabilizer bar, watt linkage, pan, connecting rod, etc. Today we have said that several kinds of structure and function of the connecting rod. Horizontal stabilizer bar horizontal stabilizer bar, stabilizer bar for short, also known as the transverse rocker or anti roll bar, and the place is called the balance beam. Although this bar's name is more, but can be seen from the name, its main purpose is to prevent side, remained stable. Accurately speaking, transverse stabilizer bar is part of the automobile suspension system and general fixed hanging around in the lower arm, can look at it as the horizontal layout of torsion bar spring in automobile chassis. Is mainly composed of connecting rod, bushings, bracket, side slip ring resistance, etc, can be divided into passive and active. Main effect through bumpy road when the car in smooth surface road, around the level of the two rounds of the same height, transverse stabilizer bar does not work. The following figure, red logo for spring, blue for shock absorber, yellow is the horizontal stabilizer bar. When the cars are driven on bumpy road, about two different road wheels meet intensive degree, this time can lead to different deformation at the ends of the vehicle suspension. At this moment, transverse stabilizer bar shaft be reversed, down on the right side of rebound, on the left side and generate upward rebound, thus reduced the right and left respectively suspension spring compression, and the magnitude of the long, to prevent deformation. Above is the small make up for all the watt linkage characteristics of transverse stabilizer bar and the content of the watt linkage is the difference between, hope to be of service, pay more attention to the accessories of knowledge information please ( )
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