The classification of auto polishing machine have? What is a use of the car polishing machine

by:DEFUS     2020-06-19
Auto polishing machine, also known as grinding machine, is often used as a mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. Its working principle is: motor drive is installed in the polishing machine of the sponge or wool pads high-speed rotation, by both pads and polishes and carries on the friction and stay behind the surface, which can achieve remove paint contamination, oxide layer, shallow. The speed of the polishing disk is in commonly 1500 - More than 3000 r | min, is infinitely variable speed, the construction can be adjusted at any time according to need. China auto parts below small make up with all of you on the classification of auto polishing machine have? What is a use of the car polishing machine? What are the classification of the polishing machine (1) car polishing machine according to the power source, which has two kinds of pneumatic and electric. Pneumatic safer, but need to source; Electrodynamic easy to solve the problem of power supply, but must pay attention to electricity safety. (2) auto polishing machine according to the feature points of two functional industrial grind arenaceous | polishing machine and polishing machine two simple type. Bifunctional industrial grinding screw grinding wheel grinding metal materials | polishing function, and can change pads do paint to protect buried. This machine is heavier, 2 - 3 kg, but work is very stable, not easy to damage. The machine speed can be adjusted, suitable for beauty care professionals use. Polishing machine is actually drilling machine of simple type, small size, speed regulation, when using hard to balance; Beauty care professionals do not generally use of such models. (3) car polishing machine classification of rotating speed of high-speed polishing machine, polishing machine at a moderate speed and low speed polishing machine 3 kinds. What 1 is a use of the car polishing machine, polishing when the pressure of the grinding operation is to grind the surface evenly on as a basis, therefore, need to find a way to 'to a certain extent, control of polishing pressure'. The pressure of the press is based on the weight of polishing machine, put on the plane polishing machine as the foundation, its weight don't need to use too much pressure, even in the side polishing operations, also need to use equal to plane stress. Don't increase or reduce pressure, so it is not easy because of uneven pressure to produce some part of the cast serious some part is lighter and the aperture or scratch is not clear. Try to avoid when the car polishing machine polishing in local increase pressure, if excessive uneven grinding surface polishing can form ', '' polishing line', 'polishing wounds' wait for a reason, because local fever, will become a 'polishing' wait for a reason. 2, pads under the condition of large slope Angle polishing machine is can make the paint heat up quickly, and the edge of the parts of the pads friction increase, easy to bad car paint, also can make contact surface area of the polishing disk can become narrow. In general, pads and thrown face small Angle should be less than 30 degrees. 3 the scope of a grinding, grinding scope is due to the car's body shape and size are different, so you can control in a certain range, to shoulder width for the line, if you use too wide will depend on the arm strength using force is not uniform, people's physical strength would be difficult to support, also can cause the polished surface uneven, If is the use of methods for too long, and can't long time polishing operation) 。 4, mobile speed polishing machine and abrasives on the disk surface form a suitable speed during grinding, if too fast, can't control according to the pressure, still can make cut cut the amount of less than, can appear 'uneven friction'. The processing method of the basic method, but the car disk is take on the shape of complex, thus to make the following operation methods: polishing not only just one direction, and longitudinal direction and transverse direction ( Is also a way of well glyph) Uneven, in order to avoid friction. 5, the size of mobile polishing - let overlap polishing disk left the mark on the surface of paint is about each time overlap 1/2 of the area of the mobile disk. 6, for deep scratch marks on the paint surface in a variety of reasons cause scar, the scars of different extent. To this end, finish homework not only can eliminate the deep wounds, want to clear the scars of the part. For the special deep scratches we want to deal with more than 2000 sand paper. More about 'the classification of auto polishing machine have? What is a use of the car polishing machine 'small make up is introduced here, the content of the hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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