The difference between the brake oil and engine oil when the choose and buy brake oil need to pay attention to?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
The difference between the brake oil and engine oil when the choose and buy brake oil need to pay attention to? The role of oil: can rise to lubrication and reduce friction, auxiliary cooling and cooling, sealing and leakage protection, rust corrosion, shock absorption, etc. Referred to as the 'origin' of the car. The difference between the brake oil and engine oil on the market the brand oil often appear in the instructions 'SAE' and 'API', 'SAE' is used to assess the oil viscosity, followed by Numbers ranged from 5 to 50, the larger the number the oil the thick vice the rarer. 'API' is the evaluation of the oil quality series, with 'S' said gasoline ( China expressed in 'Q' gasoline) , 'C' said diesel, then said the oil level of English letters, 'A' is the lowest level, 'M' is the highest, common have 'C', 'D' and 'F' level, such as 'API CD' means 'API' standard 'D' for diesel engine in the oil. Is one of the most important feature of the engine oil viscosity, viscosity index and the relationship of the engine operating temperature is on the engine oil lubrication function plays an important role. The general characteristics of the 'oil' is high temperature low temperature gradually thick, thin, run counter to the actual engine work demand, can use additives to change the nature of oil. The American society of automotive engineers ( SAE) As oil viscosity system standard, also establish SAEJ300 define to SAE viscosity grade make engine manufacturers, product suppliers to use unified normalized product logo, consumers also choose the oil viscosity as a standard. The car engine system no matter low or high temperature, as long as the start operation requires oil lubrication. The oil in the engine when the car started cold should have high liquidity ( Low viscosity) , can quickly supply all engine parts required for lubrication, will complete the first cycle engine oil lubrication in front of the lack of time to a minimum, also let the engine wear and tear may be reduced to a minimum. With the engine operating temperature rise, the oil viscosity should not become loose, so the oil film strength attenuation, nor to provide complete lubrication effect. The choose and buy when brake oil need to pay attention to? The brake fluid is passed in the hydraulic brake system brake pressure of liquid medium, using in the hydraulic braking system of vehicles. Brake Fluid is also called the Brake oil or PaiLi oil, the English called Brake Fluid, are integral parts of a Brake system, and in the braking system, it is as a force transfer medium, because the liquid can't be compressed, so the pressure from the total pump output by the Brake Fluid transfer directly to the points of pump in general, Brake Fluid when consumer choose and buy should pay attention to in three aspects: one, can not use the Brake Fluid is too thin, no color, transparent, can't use Generally eligible brake fluid color is light yellow or dark yellow) 。 Second, select the quality reliable brand also can yet be regarded as a shortcut, such as the Great Wall lubricating oil new general-secretary and AnTu brake fluid, brake fluid shell production products abroad is a reliable choice. Three, too cheap to buy. General market within 10 yuan per liter of brake fluid is inferior product basic, qualified domestic brake fluid per liter are generally in more than 20 yuan, the price of the joint venture brands are more expensive. The main components of the brake fluid is ethylene glycol, smelling is smack of alcohol, the composition of alcohol is ethanol. In general, as long as the way to regular store to buy out the brake oil is unqualified, general standards of brake fluid is DOT4 and DOT3, the actual difference is not large also. Brake oil: from search to the national standard industry association website about the 'brake fluid state standard' is: in January 2004, our country to integrate with the international general standard, implement GB12981 - national mandatory product standards 2003 motor vehicle brake fluid. According to the GB12981 - 2003 motor vehicle brake fluid, brake fluid can be divided into HZY3, HZY4, HZY5. Corresponding international DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5. The brake fluid level is high and low, consumers in selecting the brake fluid should choose according to their own models, the brake fluid level is higher, the better security protection. In general, the micro car selection suitable HZY3 standards and perfection of the brake fluid, and high-grade car suggestion choice HZY4 standard of brake fluid. Miniature, choice of low-standard cars HZY4, of course, also don't have any problems, but also better.
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