The dodgers cool wei exactly how this car fuel consumption is sample

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
Recently a lot of friends on WeChat platform also often asked dodge and cool, the car? Now breaks? Fuel consumption? Talking about the car you must not so strange. Driving habits are different, different road conditions, traffic jam, load, oil, hot and cold wind, whether period/car, fuel consumption is not the same. The car a lot of people very like it, we then look at together. Suggestions according to the following method to measure the: 1. According to the car's computer. Generally better cars are driving computer, there is instant fuel consumption and the average fuel consumption. When want to calculate fuel consumption to empty the data inside, read the average fuel consumption is relatively accurate. Some cars don't support driving computer or computer does not support to empty data, that can only use the second method. Others say driving computer calculated data is not accurate. But oil is auto control, mileage cars also can know, why said that data is not accurate? So driving computer calculated data should be reliable. 2. Under the strict execution of every step, or calculated consumption may not. First refueling, to jump the gun, at this time, don't come on again, record the mileage. Run after a period of time, add oil, still added to jump the gun, no longer come on. Record amount, calculated from the last run mileage, division by two. Why say this is a more accurate method to calculate fuel consumption, because the car's tank size is fixed, oil gun is standard, so to jump the gun, basically the amount of oil tank is fixed, so we can use the method of maximum guarantee the accuracy of the fuel consumption calculation. Now, of course, the gas station, for the purpose of business, always look for excuses to refuel, for example in order to gather together the whole money, so the lead to implement this method has the certain difficulty. Details dodge dodge cool wei has now been a long time did not hear his wind, we now have a look at his basic information. Dodge cool wei shows a typical American cars founder hale style, body line straight resolute air intake, grid with cross-shaped chrome trim is the most recognizable, the details of the interior has a look to keep the same style focuses on the design of simple and use can not see very fancy. Materials choose flexible material is adopted for large areas, especially in the mobile phone contact is soft material, improve the grade of feeling, with eight inch touch control panel color display integrates the function of multimedia system, the control panel at the bottom of the key overall rational layout, the air conditioning system dynamic aspects of the new cool wei can choose 2. 4 and 2. There are 3 0 t engine, the old one. 6 litres of naturally aspirated engine optional, dodge and cool since listing, if sales has been no big improvement. Present market situation is very grim, the comprehensive competitiveness of the car and including domestic brands and joint venture brand is still a bit too weak, because he was the first is a imported original imports, price is the price is higher, but then the cool wei it powered only now only a 2. 0 t diesel and 2. 4 litres of naturally aspirated, such beautiful cars it is itself a heavy weight of the car, so her whole dynamic feeling may be relatively short, then now is preferential price strength is very big, but it will take more than 20, within the range of the price is very competitive now, our Chinese brand within 200000 can buy however joint brand outstretched universal buy highlander this level, the impact to cool wei is bigger, actually inside the core of the suv, he has the advantages of some of his strengths. Actually he is a fit a MPV and suv, be a crossover, one was a relatively new concept, and one of his U. S. style is also a bold, maybe before two years ago consumers also more attention, but slowly pulling out of the market, now has some original industry, is now the fiat group. Are likely to withdraw from the Chinese market, so he may also follow without too much product update. Therefore also slowly disappeared in the people's public life.
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