The five step of car battery maintenance skills can solve the problem of clean - DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-09
Automotive battery is one of the indispensable source of power to run normally, how to avoid improper use shorten car battery life, and prolong the using time is a problem concerned by many owners. Under normal circumstances, the service life of a car battery for 4 years, and the length of the battery life and habits of climate condition and the owner also has a lot to do. Common wreck a battery life of the factors include: air humidity, dust, corrosion and electrode wear loose or too tight, and car cable damage. In extreme cases, all of these factors may cause the battery broken even more severe accidents, and humidity and dust are regarded as two of the most common culprits. Keep the battery clean and neat, and conduct regular testing is an effective method for extending the service life of the car battery, and cleaning of car battery, unlike everyday items, only with a cloth and clean the oil wipe not go far enough. In the process of cleaning first need to pay attention to check whether the work environment is open flames, especially pay attention to ban smoking during cleaning, when the engine is also should pay attention to disconnect the battery negative cable connection with cars. Because the car battery can produce flammable hydrogen gas containing a large amount of sulfur acid, flame prone to explosion danger. Then remember to clean before and after will be dry all items to avoid short circuit occurred. The above considerations in mind after the official start of the real clean, specific steps are as follows: 1, with professional battery electrode brush or discarded toothbrush to clean up the battery positive and negative level of dust and corrosion. If not be careful on the hands clean residue, be sure to wash their hands in time. 2, the contact surface coated with vaseline or lipid content to form a layer of protective film. 3, carefully check the battery, cable, shorten battery life of other potential factors. 4, reconnect the cable and battery, in strict accordance with the first order of the positive and negative power system to prevent electric shock or damage to the car. 5, and then conduct a comprehensive inspection, started the engine to ensure the normal battery connection.
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