The five working device of carburetor

by:DEFUS     2020-05-21
The five working device of carburetor

release date: 2014 - 12 - 29 8:58:34

carburetor is the main accessories, all kinds of mechanical equipment such as automobiles, motorcycles, tricycles, cannot leave the carburetor. Today we mainly to understand the automobile carburetor, what are the five working device of automobile carburetor?

auto carburetor including starting system, idle system, main oil supply system, large load enrichment system and accelerate the system, to ensure that can give the engine under various working conditions to provide the appropriate mixture.

1, the starter

purpose: when the car is starting in the cold, supply heavy mixture of the engine.

it is before the throat with a choke valve, use spring to ensure that it often is in full open position. When starting, the choke is close to full close, throttle opening, the main fuel injector nozzle, the nozzle in idle speed and transition spray hole injection at the same time, and then through the air inlet on the choke valve inlet, makes gasoline mixed with air, thus enabling the engine starting. After starting the engine, open the choke, and envoys from the valve to the opening of the idle speed is little, and then the engine to idle work.

2, idle speed system

objective: to supply when idle rich mixture.

add idle nozzle structure, transition orifice, orifice in idle speed, amount of idle air hole, idle speed adjusting screw, the idle speed screw oil duct and limitation. Idle speed, when the throttle opening is very small, to a high vacuum degree on idle spray hole, gasoline enters from the oil hole in idle speed, and by the first amount of idle air hole into the air after mixing, after the second idle idle blocked again by further mixing quantity of air holes into the air, and then through the idle oil, before flow to idle orifice and mixed with the transition from the fuel injector nozzle into the air, foaming, further by idle fuel injector nozzle jet. Continued up to the throat when the throttle vacuum degree up to a certain degree, the main oil supply device started injection, two greatly reduce the amount of fuel injection nozzle, its oil supply device into the work, to have the away idle device will stop the oil supply.

3, the main oil supply system

the purpose: the engine from small load to heavy load, so that it increases with throttle up and, by the rich mixture is thinning.

principle: reduce the amount of main hole vacuum

structure: added between main orifice and main nozzle orifice vent and the air quantity. In the main oil supply system begins to work, as the throat of the vacuum degree is higher, permeability gas oil chamber of the oil level is falling, then the permeability on the primary nozzle hole and, in turn, has exposed the oil, from the main air hole into the gas oil chamber air infiltration amount of primary nozzle channel increase gradually, make the carburetor mixture according to the requirements of the engine working condition for the gradually change from thick to thin.

4, add system

as a result of the action of the main oil supply device, the supply of carburetor mixture is along with the increase of load is thinning, it cannot meet the requirements of large load and strong. To do this, set the enrichment device, while heavy load or full load additional oil supply, ensure full load when the mixture concentration reaches 0. 8 to 0. 9, make the engine maximum power. Add device with mechanical and vacuum type two kinds.

5, accelerating device ( Accelerating pump)

car under certain conditions of use, need to speed up or overtaking is rapidly increasing the throttle opening, engine power increases quickly, at this point, the required supply rich mixture. Therefore, the carburetor on added speed device. Its role is in the throttle opens suddenly, the timely to add rich mixture, so as to adapt to the needs of the gasoline engine to accelerate.

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