The horse six quality as well as the advantages and disadvantages

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
Mazda 6 ( Mazda6) Is the latest products in the 21st century, Mazda company in Tokyo motor show in 2001, launched a high-grade car. Since the listing has won more than 30 awards in 20 countries around the world. On April 10, 2003 Mazda 6 came to China, with its special appearance and handling, in that year the title 'king of the corner of the car, and always keep a best-selling situation, its dynamic interior appearance, excellent maneuverability, high standards of safety, large internal space and fine workmanship, etc, create the advanced sedan in the 21st century a new global standards. 1. Appearance beautiful, fashionable. 2. Engine performance is excellent, accelerate smoothly 3. Control performance of 4. Speed is fast, speed up powerful 5. The security configuration faults models with a single set of sedan, sta and sports series products. Work is not careful, poor materials. Detailed introduction on sex and comfortable new Mazda6 in body structure, sound insulation measures, interior design and comfortable convenience equipment has carried on the innovation and development, make its comfortable reach a new level, make the new Mazda6 has reached the driving comfort and perfect combination. Combined with such as smart card keys, with three groups of 8 to electric control of driver seat memory, xenon headlights, headlight automatic switch, headlight cleaning, induction of rainfall wiper, repelling water outside rearview mirror glass, remote control switch and six airbags luxury cars to meet the high-tech equipment, such as make it among the limousine. Safety and handling Mazda6 3 h body and market test, the passive protection above reproach, the HuanXing had several strengthening measures, make its passive safety. Plus superior braking performance, the ABS EBD EBA TCS DSC by high-tech electronic equipment such as armed out excellent initiative security, make the safety of new Mazda6 was impeccable. Powertrain and the change of the body also greatly improved the handling, according to solid car test, the original Mazda6 too sharp speed is about 80 km/h, new Mazda6 to 110 km/h is too sharp and don't need to slow down, really worthy of the king of the 'corner' reputation. Safety and handling the best cooperate, make its owners can rest assured bold to enjoy new Mazda6 provide exciting fun to drive. Dynamic elegant Mazda6 dynamic fashion and consumer favorite. New Mazda6 in shape and the change of interior aspects make the finishing point, make its in motion into elegant, RouRu mature in the vitality, attain the new aesthetic realm. To hold on, on the basis of the existing market, more have access to very reluctantly give up what one favours by Mazda6 fashion users. Structure of Mazda 6 appearance is redesigned, stems from a sports car in front of the oval face design, with wide and low chassis, showed a strong movement of Mazda. In the words of Mazda, Mazda 6 is 'wearing casual player. Streamlined body gives a person a kind of quiet feeling, even more than the body design precision some higher level of car, extensive use of new technology to make its structure is compact, manufacturing precision is high. Mazda company for its chassis is improved, using the hydroforming technology to strengthen the edge beam frame, its rigid frame structure in order to improve the overall performance of the car has laid a solid foundation. Front suspension using a unique double cross arm type structure, after the suspension is for connecting rod type structure. Body connected to frame the door by damping spring. This makes the damping capacity of Mazda 6 reached the leading level in the car at the same level. Six old six quality in power output, the manipulation of the senses and modelling three basic level, the well know. To this, the new horse 6 further optimized. 2. MZR carrying 3 liters engines, on the basis of retain power continuous high output, reduces the noise, constant speed fuel consumption by hundreds of kilometers of 6 90 kilometers. 7 to 6. 2 liters. 2. 0 liter engine increased the variable valve timing and variable intake system, exhaust manifold and double silencer, reduces the noise and fuel consumption, increased the power; The machine maximum power increased from 99 kw / 6000 RPM to 108 kw / 6500 RPM, the maximum torque from 177 nm / 4500 RPM to 183 nm / 4000 RPM; Fuel consumption by hundreds of kilometers of 6. 6 lift to 6 litres. New horse 6 will markedly enhance its capability of fuel-efficient, is superior to the competitors, in the domestic oil prices continue to rise, advocated under the trend of energy saving, this advantage will lead to more users. Is also the result of the faw Mazda cognition to the market. New horse 6 inherited the old set of active safety package. In the market, faw horse 6 by the user as the 'king of the bend,' horse six high-speed cornering high accuracy, good comfort, thanks to the horse 6 unique before and after the suspension, low center of gravity, 53:47 vehicle weight ratio, as well as dynamic stability control system ( DSC) 。 When the car's speed into the bending or emergency avoid obstacles, DSC system receives the wheel Angle and lateral acceleration sensor signal, the computer through the analysis judgment, make a wheel produce certain braking force, to stop the vehicle sideslip, spin, etc. In addition, the new horse 6 to further improve the stiffness of car body, help to enhance the vehicle's ability to grip and control stability. New horse 6 not only refresh the own record, also make oneself is a premium car.
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