The hydraulic oil is what? The hydraulic oil how to maintain

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
The hydraulic oil is the use of liquid pressure can be used the hydraulic system of hydraulic medium, in the hydraulic system plays an energy transfer, anti-wear, lubrication system, anticorrosive, antirust, cooling, etc. And everybody about the hydraulic oil is next? The hydraulic oil how to maintain? What is hydraulic oil biodegradation hydraulic oil is in order to meet environmental requirements, control the pollution of the environment and development. Main plant base oil and synthetic vinegar, the biodegradability of vegetable oil with natural, good lubrication properties and viscosity-temperature properties, and rich in resources, the price is relatively cheap, is the main development direction of the lubricating oil. The hydraulic oil no formal products hydraulic oil in our country. But there are a lot of abroad, such as the United States, Ryan, etc. , by vegetable oil and base oil formula, can the final degradation. Biodegradation hydraulic oil is the excellent performance of anti-wear hydraulic oil, dedicated to meet the requirements of all kinds of hydraulic equipment and system. This series product can prolong the service life of oil/oil filter and the most efficient way to protect equipment, thereby reducing maintenance and product processing. This series product is a joint development with major equipment manufacturers, can satisfy the precision of the hydraulic system of high hydraulic pressure, the strict requirements of high output pump, hydraulic system can cope with other components, such as low servo valve clearance and high precision nc machine tools such as strict requirements. This series products are widely in metallurgy technology more design all kinds of hydraulic system and components manufacturers on the performance of the most stringent requirements, a single product has outstanding performance characteristics. What are the automobile and engineering machinery hydraulic oil quality requirements such as hydraulic system of hydraulic oil as working medium, such as oil flow in hydraulic system, high pressure, so called hydrostatic transmission. The pros and cons of hydraulic oil quality will largely affect the work of the hydraulic system reliability and service life. Requirements about the quality of the hydraulic oil usually has the following points: 1) Proper viscosity and good viscosity-temperature performance, to ensure that under the condition of temperature change is to be able to transfer power, sensitive, and can guarantee the normal lubrication of hydraulic components. 2) Good anti-rust property and resistance to oxidation stability, under the condition of high temperature and high pressure is not easy oxidation, long service life. 3) Has good resistance to bubble, make product in working conditions, by mechanical stirring constantly produce stable foam is easy to disappear in order to make the power of the accelerated oxidation to avoid the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil how to maintain the hydraulic oil maintenance work ( The premise is the normal operation of equipment, no abnormal condition) 。 1, ensure that the hydraulic oil using high temperature; Oil will soon be the oxidation at high temperature. On the site's 2, hydraulic air filter to adopt can filter particles can also filter the water filter. 3, the precision filter, hydraulic oil filter makes the oil pollution to keep for a long time in NAS< A magnitude 8, the equipment own filter generally poor accuracy, can guarantee the cleanliness of hydraulic oil. Because the hydraulic station for dirty limit only 5 um, and accuracy is often more than the size of the filter, scientific rules generally hydraulic station pollution requirements of control in the NAS is less than a magnitude 8; Higher request for a device with servo, less than seven. If you have hurt servo valve that you will understand everything, why to control pollution of hydraulic oil so high. Best buy an on-line filtering precision filter oil machine, some filter accuracy has reached 0. 1um。 4, centrifugal dehydration/vacuum dehydration ( For a gas station with water) 。 As long as the good control, generally such as MOBIL, SHELL, etc. , can be used for five years. 5, and regularly do the product testing hydraulic oil, widely used in industrial oil is the most used products. The current hydraulic components is developing towards small size, big power, the system pressure is higher and higher, some of which have been breached 50 mpa. Therefore, the ordinary L - HL series have tend to be eliminated, anti-wear L - type HM series application more. Low temperature performance is also important feature of the hydraulic oil for equipment is easy to start in low temperature environment and sensitive, power transmission and hydraulic oil oil change cycle is long, such as outdoor equipment is usually for one year, the hydraulic oil in use process inevitably go through four seasons change, so the outdoor equipment using low condensation product effect is better. Cleanliness has also become the performance requirements of hydraulic oil, general products to the NAS level of granularity is not more than 9, cleaning products is not greater than magnitude 7, Gao Qingjie type product is not more than 5, but the blind pursuit of NAS level not only has no effect, but reduce the quality, increase the cost. For example, some machinery manufacturers, or engineering machinery users do not have to add the hydraulic oil of dust-free workshop, even spent a large amount of money to buy the NAS5 level of product, at the instant of the open products, becomes NAS8 NAS5 Gao Qingjie type hydraulic oil level, and the hydraulic oil level of NAS high mean filter more frequently, in the process of filtering would bring expensive additives composition is filtered, so from a professional point of view, need not too seek the NAS level. 6, to prevent the air into the oil pump oil absorption should be reliable sealing mouth, suction tubing not being too close to the oil level in the tank, the highest point of the system should be set exhaust valve, discharge oil in free air. 7, the reasonable design of suction tank tubing should be far away from the return pipe, avoid to the oxidation of oil from the catalytic effect of materials such as lead, zinc, copper, the tank with oil resistant anticorrosive paint, fuel tank in the cooler can't leak. What is more about 'hydraulic oil? Hydraulic oil how to maintain 'all content, in the hope that useful to everyone.
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