The inside of the car performance and functions of each filter - DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-08
1. The function of the air filter: usually engine to inhale a lot of air in the process of work, if the air not filtered, floating dust in the air inhaled in the cylinder, will accelerate the piston and cylinder wear. Bigger impurity particles in between the piston and cylinder, will cause serious 'cylinder' phenomenon, in the dry sandy especially for serious work environment. Air filter is installed in the front of the carburetor or inlet pipe, have the effect of filter dust and sand in the air, the warranty card into enough clean air in the cylinder. 2. Air-conditioning filter function: used for filtration of air inside the car and the car inside and outside air loop filter. Remove air in the car or the train in the air in dust and impurities, odor, etc. , and air conditioner filter also has the windshield spray. Air-conditioning filter general requirements, 10000 km once can achieve good effect. Myth: usually a lot of people will think, summer leaves air conditioning filter works; In fact, all the year round in the filter into the car's air. In order to protect people's health, but don't ignore filter. 3. Oil filter as a component of internal combustion engine, the lubricating system ten points plays a important role, can be in the engine combustion process and mixed with the oil in the metal abrasive dust, carbon grains and the colloid impurities such as the oil gradually filtered out. These impurities will accelerated motion parts wear, easy to cause oil road congestion, oil filter function by the internal combustion engine, makes the service life of internal combustion engine is greatly high, also extending to other parts of life. 4. Fuel oil filter fuel filter is used for filtering engine burning fuel required ( Gasoline, diesel) To prevent fuel brought by foreign matter such as dust, metal powder, such as moisture content having machine into the engine, and check the engine wear, and cause the oil supply system of blocking the oil filter.
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