The main components of the carburetor cleaner

by:DEFUS     2020-05-31
The main components of the carburetor cleaner

release date: 2015 - 1 - 14 9:21:36

carburetor cleaner started for gasoline engine carburetor cleaning production, effective quick removal of colloid formed in the carburetor. Later for engine and artifacts of amorphous carbon, graphite carbon deposit cleaning, also can be used for all sorts of catalysts on amorphous carbon, graphite cleaning of carbon deposit. In peacetime maintenance man need to maintenance of carburetor, the carburetor cleaner, greatly convenient for carburetor repair work and maintenance of carburetors, improve the efficiency of the maintenance man. You understand the role of the carburetor cleaner, next we'll look at some of the carburetor cleaner main ingredients:

carburetor cleaner is a dry cleaner, its main ingredients are & other; Benzene & throughout; 。 Its composition mainly is 10% 12% methanol, acetone, toluene, 200 # solvent oil by 40% 38%. After above complete concentrate formulation, raw materials of high pressure propane and aerosol propellant, the ratio of concentrate and aerosol propellant, compared with 6:4. Its method is to concentrate a proportional dispensing and filling the tin can, and then after aerosol propellant filling into the tin can match into the mix, packaged into finished products, the carburetor cleaner can be sold.

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