The position of the automobile sound insulation is the most effective for important parts of the automobile sound insulation

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
Automotive sound insulation is the most effective position to do the important parts of the sound insulation for many owners, the vehicle noise should be a headache! For some models, sound insulation effect is not very good. In addition, to increase the speed of the car, and must be large to hear in the car. At this time, the automobile sound insulation products! The position of the automobile sound insulation is the most effective believes that many owners of automobile sound insulation should have certain understanding. Read to you today is not the same, however, we are all on the same car with four door sealing strip, sound insulation, four-wheel compartments sound insulation, sound insulation, floor insulation and reserve see exactly where the effect of sound insulation after construction is the best? Before the test, there are two things to be with you for 1: if you decide to do car sound insulation, be sure to choose the professional formal place! Because when doing sound insulation, need to remove the position of the corresponding, such as four door door plank, round round arch, chairs, and even the pursuit of high also disconnect the instrument panel, etc. , and then laid all kinds of sound insulation materials, and then put down the things back, this is equivalent to your vehicle for a major operation. If it is not professional modified shop, probably in the process of remove or install, bring sequela to your vehicle, such as parts of resonance, and so on, so trouble. Also, must be you confirm before the construction of construction materials and can smell whether there is special, for example, whether the material of environmental protection, then burn up, look to whether for flame retardant materials. Auto sound insulation is indeed not currently relevant policies and regulations, so the market is also good and evil people mixed up, must be careful not to let the mercenary pusher shoddy, with poor sound insulation material not only harm health, more is in danger of fire. Let's test the car before no acoustic renovation, idle state, 60, 80, the noise of 120 kilometers per hour. Do now society important parts of the automobile sound insulation for the pursuit of perfect people, car is often can't stand the noise, the driving at ordinary times, many owners have such distress: cars on the road, often appear to let a person be agitated of noise. In general automobile noise has five categories, small make up just one by one to you today. And engine noise: the vehicle engine is a source of noise, the noise is produced varies with engine speed ( Mainly through the front fender, hood, baffle wall, exhaust pipe production and delivery) 。 Road, road noise, the noise is high speed vehicle driving noise when the wind cuts formation and drive the chassis vibration, impact and gravel on the road car chassis also can produce noise, this is the main source of road noise ( Mainly through the four door, trunk, front fender, front arc generation and transmission) 。 Tire noise, tire noise is a car travels at high speed, tire and road surface friction produced, depending on the road vehicle condition to determine the size of tire noise, road conditions, the worse the tire noise, the greater the asphalt and concrete pavement generated by other tire mania (there is a big difference between Mainly through the four door, trunk, front fender, front arc generation and transmission) 。 The wind noise, wind noise is refers to the car in the process of speeding the oncoming wind pressure over the door seal resistance into the car, the faster the speed, the greater the wind noise ( Mainly through four door seal clearance, including the overall steel sheet production and the transfer) 。 Resonance noise and other: body itself is like a box body, and the sound itself to have the nature of the refraction and overlapping, when the voice was introduced into the car, such as no sound absorption and sound insulation material to absorb and block, the noise will constantly refraction and overlap, formation of resonance, Mainly through: noise into the car, superposition and reflection) 。
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