The reasons why it is difficult to shift gears

by:DEFUS     2020-05-23
It is a skill to hang the gear again after neutral sliding, otherwise it will be difficult to hang up. At the same time, the incorrect operation mode will also cause difficulty in gear shifting. There are two main reasons for the difficulty of gear shifting after neutral sliding: 1. The gear is too low and the speed difference is too large First of all, let's assume that there is such a car: when driving at a speed of 60 km / h, the engine speed of the fifth gear is 1500 rpm, and the engine speed of the fourth gear is 2,000 rpm. Then when the car is coasting at 60 km / h, the engine will enter idle speed, because the ECU will increase the idle speed to 1000 rpm when coasting at high speed, so the engine speed is 1000 rpm. Then it is easiest to shift to 5th gear at the end of the taxi, because the corresponding engine speed of 5th gear at this speed is 1500 rpm, which is closest to the current engine speed, and the speed difference is the smallest. Coupled with the synchronization of the synchronizer, it is easy to shift to the gear. However, it is a little difficult for you to shift to 4th gear, because at the current speed, the engine speed corresponding to 4th gear is higher, and the difference between the current actual engine speed is greater. The greater the difference in speed, the harder it is to engage the gear. Even with a synchronizer, it can't do anything with such a large speed difference. Why is it difficult to shift gears when the speed difference is large? Because the gearbox gear can be simply understood as two separate gears meshing, the smaller the difference in speed between the two gears, the easier it is to mesh. It's like a car coming on the road, you have to jump into this car. It must be that the smaller the speed difference between you is, the easier it is for you to jump up. Therefore, if you want to shift gears more smoothly after neutral gears, you must grasp the vehicle speed and gear, and try to choose the gear with the corresponding engine speed at the current vehicle speed close to the actual engine speed. For example, when the taxi speed is 30 km / h, and the engine speed is 1000 rpm, the speed of the third gear is exactly 30 km / h, then it is easiest to hang the third gear at this time, because the speed difference is the smallest. Of course, there is another method that allows you to engage in any gear, that is, stepping on the accelerator before gearing to increase the engine speed. For example, the taxi speed is 80 km / h, and the engine speed is 1,000 rpm when taxiing. After taxiing, you want to change to 3rd gear, and your car runs 80km / h in 3rd gear. The corresponding engine speed is 4000 rpm. At this time, it may be a little difficult to directly engage in 3rd gear, but you can step on it Push the throttle to the engine speed to 4000 rpm, so that it is easy to put the gear. Therefore, as long as the manual gear is matched in place, any gear can be easily engaged. 2. Stepping on the clutch all the time during taxiing causes the clutch pressure plate to overheat This is a bad operation habit. We step on the clutch to let the clutch pressure plate release the pressure on the clutch plate, so that the power transmitted from the engine to the transmission can be cut off. The pressure plate is separated and compressed by the surrounding diaphragm springs. When stepping on the clutch, the separation bearing will cling to the diaphragm spring and press it down. The spring deforms, changing the pressure, and the power is cut off. However, if you keep stepping on the clutch while in neutral, the temperature of the pressure plate will be too high, and the high temperature will cause the spring force of the diaphragm spring to drop, so the pressure plate will exert a certain pressure on the clutch plate. Equivalent to the clutch is not completely disengaged. If the clutch is not completely disengaged, let alone driving, it is difficult to put it in gear even if it is parked in place. Therefore, if you want to smoothly engage the required gear during driving, you must first avoid the bad habit of stepping on the clutch for a long time, and secondly, you must grasp the relationship between the engine speed, vehicle speed, and gear.
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