The reasons why Motorcycle carburetor starting device failure

by:DEFUS     2020-05-27

Motorcycle carburetor starting device failure reason is the main force of mechanical equipment, vehicle, engine and carburetor is engine helper, help the engine can work better fast. Take the motorcycle carburetor, in order to improve the starting performance of the motorcycle, specially set up starting with thick device, make the motorcycle engine work better and faster. But your carburetor starting device may send small temper, sick does not work. What is the reason that appear this kind of situation? How can we solve?

A: motorcycle switch opened after 4 ~ 5 minutes, hand electric starting with thick valve plastic shell, such as the thermal circuit is normal; Otherwise need to check the circuit, such as add the valve outlet circuit normal judgement enriched valve is damaged need to change.

B: remove the enrichment valve and 0 ~ 5 minutes after processing circuit, observing add valve piston movement condition, if add valve plunger with spring extends continuously, the enrichment valve normal; Or add valve damage of PTC heating tablets, need to change a tangy valve assembly.

C: use compressed air to clean carburetors enriched channel on the body.

D: unscrew the starting valve fittings, throw add handle switch, observation with thick thread can drive with strong fortress under the mobile column. If can't move or add plunger drops is added thick wire broken, need to change to add thick thread.

E: remove the carburetor float chamber, observe float chamber sealing mat starting foam pipe hole diameter is due to the expansion shrinkage is less than start foam pipe diameter. Smaller if need to replace the seal or the seal of the mat starting foam pipe diameter increasing, generally greater than the starting 1 ~ 2 mm foam pipe diameter.

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