The right way to step on step on the clutch clutch

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
How clutch on the right way to step on the clutch for many novice drivers, obtain a driver's license when one of the most sad thing is a clutch control. Due to the clutch control is not good enough, some people just start up hill and on the next stop. Important is a incorrect use of the clutch may damage the gearbox and affect the service life of gearbox. So, what if novice drivers don't step on the clutch? Don't worry, how old clutch on the first trick is to make the clutch on to the end, many novice driver to step on the clutch on bottom, not to say that he had no strength, but some people are afraid to step on deep, like a deep clutch will get trampled by it. In fact, the clutch deep on general can guarantee transmission shift smoothly, the clutch can appear on half dragged and transmission gear wear and tear, over time the gearbox can be damaged. The second trick is slowly lift the clutch, teach old driver, started out can't lift the clutch quickly, slowly lift the clutch left foot slightly come on the door, to guarantee the smooth start, after gear can be slightly faster, or a car may move and jitter. Third trick is to learn half linkage to start, we are learning subject 2 uphill started will use half a linkage to start, this is a technique to avoid the slide. For example we can use half when we were waiting for the traffic light linkage, this time the car cannot slide forward, add a little loose clutch accelerator, car could move forward. Learn to half linkage mainly rely on their own experience, you can feel the car shake but not to go forward, this time is half linkage. Before the fourth solution is to use the soles of your feet trample clutch, some people use the whole foot, step on the clutch are laborious, and loose clutch is prone to stall, feet trample clutch before will be relaxed, also can better, as I want to at the time of loose clutch will be more convenient. The fifth trick is to learn to quickly step on the clutch, the fast step on the clutch not to say that the clutch is faster, but stepping down faster, especially when they start and shift, must fast, can't trample a little, also don't slow down, stepped directly to the bottom, quick step on the clutch can help you shift more smoothly, when emergency accidents may slow down in time to avoid too fast. Step on the right way to the first clutch: with his left foot heel as a fulcrum, with forefoot to control the clutch pedal. Second: the car started, the clutch on the first, then find a combination of state, his right foot slightly to add the accelerator at the same time, it can improve the speed of the car, and then slowly lift the clutch, stop at the combined into half a slightly. Third: when shift down, want to reduce the speed of the car first, until the car down to the need of reducing gear, you can hit the clutch, and adopt a fast, slow, three linkage to the principle of the clutch to control. Fourth: gears, first mentioned in the corresponding rotational speed, the speed and fast on the clutch, and then slowly lift the clutch, can in the clutch and the accelerator. Fifth: parking: should choose in 15 km/h on the clutch, and then hit the brakes can put on the brakes to stop the car, wait until after the car to stop, you can send the clutch. Then said the next step on the clutch for everybody notice: first: when the clutch friction plate and driving disc and pressure plate on oily be soiled, should open out the oily be soiled, clean, dry after installation. Second: after cleaning the clutch bearing, want right amount with a little butter, to make the side of the clutch with dust cover, don't bump against, avoid the oil into the clutch, the clutch a skid.
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