The solution to the carburetor oil spill

by:DEFUS     2020-05-24
Solution to the carburetor oil

release date: 2015 - 5 - 27 8:49:47

carburetor engine is an important core parts, to adjust the mixing ratio of gas and air, make the engine can run normally. Carburetor use time is long, hard to avoid can affect a small fault, like carburetor oil spill is one of the small fault. So once we find motorcycle oil may be the cause of the carburetor. Oil will not only waste of fuel and engine power is not strong, so to solve in time.

there are two main types of carburetor leakage fault phenomenon: the first is a rapid leak. Phenomenon for overflow spill quickly, sometimes on balance tube also oil spill quickly, the fuel into the engine combustion chamber, flooding, cylinder, can't start. The cause of the problem: ( 1) Have larger dirt stuck float chamber; ( 2) Float oil spill damage; ( 3) Float on the float pin seized up. The solution is: clean float needle and feed pipe, the float if damaged can be replaced, also can use gasoline left in the float out after soldering iron welding junction. The second kind of phenomenon is the slow oil leakage. Performance for motorcycle parking for several hours after the overflow tube to several minutes slow drip a drop of frequency. The cause of the problem or float to float needle damage, the seal is lax.

the solution: replace the qualified and float needle component, for not to replace fay with die casting type float needle base, can only replace the rubber head float stitches. Replace the float stitches are still unable to troubleshooting, with a float needle repair machine repair. Prosthesis available 42 # steel bar production, lathe processing into than float needle base on inner hole slightly thin, at the top of the cone, cone should be less than the original float needle taper. Put the top of the prosthesis in the float inside the needle base, with a small wooden hammer tapping number, and then reassembled and float float needle, plug in the tubing, open the oil switch, the carburetor inversion test to see if any oil leakage, not to repair the normal.

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