The spark plug and ignition coil must in together? Why change the spark plug ignition coil is broken

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
The spark plug and ignition coil must in together? Why change the spark plug ignition coil after it broke. The spark plug, in fact, the same as the engine oil. As long as manufacturers requirements are met or exceeded the performance data of indicators, when the performance of the spark plugs of normal, spark plug will not damage. In not only replace the old spark plug replacement of mileage, damage to the ignition coil will happen. If the spark plug can not work normally, the ignition coil may be damaged. In addition, the normal use of the spark plug, the ignition coil could be damaged. The spark plug and ignition coil must in together? First, why car to replace spark plugs. Spark plug is an important part of a car ignition system, it is the high voltage electric current through the electrode conductive by the distributor, and then through the bottom of a spark discharge gap, cause the fuel and gas explosion, forces the pistons to work. But spark plug exceptionally bad work environment, prone to blackened attached impurities and carbon deposition, withstand high temperatures, long and each breakdown spark plug ignition pressure will gradually get an electric shock, fire number is much, can also lead to bigger clearance, decrease of ignition energy, the lighting is bad, lead to the start-up difficulties, steam, fuel consumption increase, so want to timely replace spark plugs. Ignition coil also belongs to the important parts of automobile ignition system, and work and spark plug collocation. Ignition coil is actually inside a transformer, low voltage into a high pressure, in high pressure environment to produce the spark, the spark plug ignites cylinder, power production. Ignition coil are insulated copper wire inside, but, after a long time, coupled with high temperature and high pressure environment, will also hurt, outside rubber parts is broken, also the leakage, the ignition energy is not enough, also need to be replaced. Ignition coils and spark plug, is the life, also is belong to wearing parts, however, the life of the ignition coil to last longer than the spark plug. Ignition coil are generally have a problem to replace, but also has the owner in pursuit of better engine ignition performance, early replacement is not the failure of the ignition coil. So, change the spark plug is not necessarily need to replace the ignition coil. The spark plug is broken, then replace spark plug, the ignition coil without failure, generally speaking is no change, unless it is worn out leakage phenomenon, or is in the car after the spark plug have been dithering phenomenon, it needs to test and see if it is problem of ignition coil. The life of the ignition coil ignition coil generally more than 100000 km, as long as the appearance to check the insulation cover without crack damage, insulation, no leakage, the engine performance is stable under the condition of no change. Why change the spark plug ignition coil is bad, if the car is cold after starting the engine operating normally, but after a period of time, the engine fatigue, then find ignition coil was burned down. Need to check, in addition to the ignition coil burned, eliminate the ignition system circuit with or without abnormal phenomenon. And other common reason is that the spark plug leakage will cause ignition coil burned. , secondly to replace spark plug will not damage the ignition coil, unless it is replace spark plugs itself internal short circuit, there is something wrong with the quality. Engine jitter severe might have been caused by lack of cylinder, maintenance before replacing individual spark plug does not work, work bad spark plug will certainly hurt the ignition coil. Extension information: ability to spark plug are associated with the following 1, 2, 3, spark plug gap mixture concentration, temperature, ignition coil with high strength analysis: the spark plug gap may have been big, poor ability to spark plug ignition, combined with the use of natural gas and gasoline mixture difference is bigger, was responsible for the damage of the ignition coil. Recommend replacing good spark plug ( Such as platinum, iridium gold) Please change, check that the cylinder line resistance. Had better be in check the cylinder pressure. Spark plug ability is insufficient, can increase the load of the ignition coil, lead to erosion. Spark plug via continuous power generation ignition repeatedly, the panels are lit the mixture formation within the cylinder, at this point, the rest of the ignition system timing are produced by high voltage electrical pulse, to form a spark and energy required to produce explosion provide engine power output. And the structure of the spark plug is a thin metal plate through a which has the function of insulation material, made of ceramic, around the bottom of the insulator has a metal shell, tighten screw tooth way on the cylinder cover, at the bottom of the metal casing in welding electrodes and auto body form the ground.
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