The structure of the drum brake disc brake and drum brake have what differentiation

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
The structure of the drum brake disc brake and drum brake have what distinction. Drum wheel brake has inside and outside the beam, the first with the brake drum inner cylinder surface for work, has been widely applied in the car. Drum brake wheel according to the open institutions can be divided into the wheel cylinder of different open wheel brake and CAM open wheel brake and wedge brake wheel according to the two brake shoe brake process to produce different braking torque, brake drum wheel can be divided into the collar from hoof type, double collar type, two-way double collar hoof type, double from hoof type, one-way from power type and bidirectional power. The structure of the drum brake brought from the foot of the drum brake features are: high stability performance factor, but low efficiency factor; Drum brake of two-way since features are: low efficiency factor of stability, but high efficiency factor. If we can design a brake, it is brought in crane brake from hoof type, use of the advantages of its high efficiency factor of stability, when the parking brake since a two-way power type, use of the advantages of its high efficiency factor, and it will be a very has the application value of the brake. Brought from the shoe brake, brake performance is stable, structure simple, reliable and easy to install. Double led shoe brake: braking efficiency to change the sensitivity of small friction factor, namely has good braking performance stability, only in a few to ensure the reliability of the brake on the limousine. Force on the brake: use of the role of friction rally, braking performance is best, but its maximum braking efficiency reliance on friction factor, thus the stability of the worst; In addition, in the process of braking brakes, brake torque of the growth in some cases appear too rapidly. Disc brake forms and characteristics of the fixed disc brakes, brake block clamping brake disc, stop the wheel rotation friction torque, braking. After long time use brake disc for high temperature expansion has enhanced braking effect. Floating pliers disc brakes, brake pliers is floating, axial moving relative to the brake disc, disc brake has simple structure, convenient maintenance, easy to realize automatic brake clearance adjustment. All brake: both sides work surface is flat and heat transfer, the disc rotate easily cooling, not easy to happen bigger deformation, braking performance is relatively stable. 1 what is the difference between disc brake and drum brake, drum brake is best in hub installed two semi-circular degrees of brake pads, brake pads with 'leverage' contact with the inside wheel drum brake and friction. Disc brake is known by the brake caliper control two pieces of brake pads to grip the wheel brake disc. In the clips when the disc brake pads, its will produce friction between them. 2, drum brake braking system can be used to lower oil pressure, drum brake diameter will increase after heated, brake reaction than expected would happen. Disc brake cooling is better than that of drum brake, continuous when trample brake will not cause deterioration and make the brakes brake failure. About disc brake wheel braking force is average, brake disc has good drainage, can reduce the waterway or sediment brake undesirable phenomenon. 3, easy to install, drum brake hand brake institutions some rear wheel device of the disc brake, the other parts installed in the center of the brake disc drum handbrake. Trample bad strength control of the brake, which is unfavorable for brakes. Disc brake pads and brake disc friction between the area is smaller than the drum brake, and so on the braking force is weak, to improve the shortcoming of brake force, to the larger trample force or increase the oil pressure to improve the braking force. 4, drum brake parts processing is relatively simple, the manufacturing cost is low, but structural parts. Disc brake structure is simple, maintenance easier, but the brake pads wear, replace belong to high frequency. More about 'the structure of the drum brake disc brake and drum brake what is the difference between' the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention. , your car's warm harbor!
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