The typhoon season automobile maintenance knowledge you need to know about the - DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-13
Nearly period of time the south to dominate the typhoon day, heavy rains appear in many parts of the water, causing car driving like boating, and some cars in outdoor was soaked by the rain. Then by SMK ShiMa, small make up to introduce the next rainy season automobile maintenance knowledge, extend the service life of your car, reduce the security hidden danger. Typhoon season car maintenance knowledge a driving after the rain to wash in the heavy rain weather, timely in the process of driving the car tires, easy to accumulate in the gap before and after the sludge moisture also hiding among them, the car body will rust, and damage other parts of vehicle. Solution: prepare a piece of dry cloth, will be a simple wipe the body, until the weather clears and then to the repair shop or 4 s shop for car wax for all-round and a polishing sealing glair. Typhoon season automobile maintenance knowledge are vehicle circuit timely inspection car after soaking rain, be sure to check whether the circuit by water immersion, serious soaking can lead to the car can't normal open, after sitting in the water and electricity is likely to cause short circuit, and can also lead to the engine discarded. Solution: if auto wading through should be timely to the circuit equipment after processing, can use the fiber tissues and textile dry circuit one by one, to start again. The typhoon season three self-checking automobile maintenance knowledge whether the brake fluid be affected with damp be affected with damp during the rainy season when the wet weather will make the brake fluid cup produces a large amount of water, and into the brake fluid. If there is water into the brake fluid, the vehicles in the brake process of high temperature will transpiration of water vapor in great quantities, the compressibility of the gas can cause brake failure and even failure. Solution: if it is found that the brake should be on very deep, the brakes heard a noise, braking distance was longer than that in previous years, one of the three conditions, the vehicle will be checked into the garage. Typhoon season four car maintenance knowledge rain cover garment more injured many owners used to vehicles set on clothes, while it is possible to prevent the vehicle surface is damaged, but in case of rain and windy weather, clothing will take a taxi paint repeatedly, especially the tiny sand blowing into the clothing, will create numerous way of tiny scratches in car body, a long time also can cause lacquer face darkened. Typhoon season five after bubble water car maintenance knowledge need to be better curing many owners was right after soaking in vehicle engine for a comprehensive maintenance inspection, this is very dangerous. Not only need to inspect the engine after bubble water, also need to check the oil, to see whether any emulsion. In addition if forced to launch the car after quenching in water, can bring irreversible damage to the vehicle, so that even after repair underpowered and such would happen. Solution: in the check after replacement of the corresponding items, use ShiMa SMK engine repair agent, to repair of engine inside, to take advantage of graphene's carburization principle for filling out the engine by the loss of repair, will power back to the state of new car. The above said five automobile maintenance knowledge of the rainy season, want to be able to provide help for you. Typhoon season rainy days more and more attention should be paid to the you owners, nip in the bud, in the daily maintenance in time after rain, so that it can let the car prolong service life, running together with you on the way forward.
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