The viscosity of the lubricating oil can represent the stand or fall of lubricating oil? - - - - - - DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-08
Talk to you today the viscosity of the lubricating oil. We often hear maintenance personnel asked before owners 'what level of lubricating oil before you use? ', most of the owner's answer is 'I don't know. '5', or part of the owner can answer w30. 'Or other viscosity. Today let's talk about viscosity can represent a lubricating oil is good or bad. What we must first understand the viscosity representative? What is the meaning of he? On behalf of refers to the thin consistency and flowing velocity of liquid viscosity. In the lubricating oil viscosity meaning, mainly represents the loose consistency of lubricating oil and lubricating oil a suitable temperature range. First say how to understand his temperature scope. Letter 'W' number is representative of the low temperature before, usually is to use this number minus 35, 5 - for instance 35 = - 30, then the applicability of the lubricating oil at low temperature is minus 30 °. 'W' after the Numbers is my normal temperature. Such as 'five w40' lubricating oil his range of applicable temperature was minus 30 ° C to 40 ° C above freezing a range. Next we say thin consistency, general oil thin consistency is W after numerals, the greater the value is labeled lubricating oil at 100 ° C, the higher the oil viscosity, which is more thick. Although say when we choose lubricating oil, viscosity is very important, but the main or to judge whether the lubricating oil is suitable for our engine, or whether is appropriate for your driving the temperature of the region. If it is not suitable for, also can cause some of our engine damage. But the viscosity index does not represent a product of the good or bad, and the same kind of product he will have to provide owners with different viscosity, such as seen above the harvest of multipolar lubricating oil, I know that there are five kinds of viscosity, '0 w20 ', '0 w40', '5 w30', '5 w40', '10 w60'. You can say the five kinds of viscosity who can better than who or who worse than who? So in my opinion, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is not good or bad, said only suit doesn't fit.
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