The working principle of the carburetor

by:DEFUS     2020-05-21
The working principle of carburetor

release time: 2014 - 11 - 15 11:04:06

carburetor is the heart of the engine, it will according to the different working condition of engine demand, the automatic matching the corresponding concentration, a mixture of the corresponding output, in order to make the mixture mixed more evenly, also have the effect of the fuel atomization, carburetor, for normal operation of the machine. So the action of the carburetor can not be ignored. That you know how carburetor work? Let's hear it under the carburetor factory introduction:

from the outside air into the carburetor, after filtering qing air quantity how much by changes in the choke valve position control. Air through the carburetor throat of suction sucked out fuel from the float chamber, through the fuel injector nozzle, and the atomization. After atomization of the fuel and air mixing without inlet manifold in the cylinder. The mixture into a quantity by a gas pedal manipulation, it is located in the throttle control in the carburetor. By the petrol pump volume of oil pump into the float chamber is controlled by the float float indoor. Float in float indoor elevator, with how much oil when float indoor full of gasoline, float to rise, with its needle valve inlet block. The driver by controlling the throttle opening size to change the engine speed, the concentration of the mixture is thickened gradually along with the throttle up.

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