The working principle of the ignition coil

by:DEFUS     2020-05-14
By the main coil, secondary coil, magnetic core, switch triode, and other auxiliary of the original composition, main coil by accumulator, the secondary coil discharge spark plug, triode is responsible for the switch. Charging time by the battery voltage and motor speed control, to ensure a uniform energy per charge, ignition coil, which has two kinds of line 3 and line 4, 3 lines for the power supply, switch control (positive and negative ECU instruction) , 4 lines for more than a ignition test line, that can detect whether the spark plug plug ignition ( Whether there is discharge current in the secondary coil) 。 Say a little bit more simple, the ignition coil is transformer, and dozens of volt is promoted to tens of thousands of volts, just enter the primary coil voltage is provided by the electronic igniter.
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