The working principle of the motorcycle carburetor

by:DEFUS     2020-05-27

Motorcycle is an important tool of our travel once, but with the rapid development of automobile, it is gradually being replaced. Now motorcycle besides racing driver as well as the young people love, have been very few people to buy, but motorcycle is still handsome and cool, it run very smart, handsome, like the speed, that is why some young friends love it. Motorcycles and cars cannot leave the support of the engine and the engine is inseparable from the carburetor for help, if there is no the carburetor motorcycle, like no heart, no longer beating. People may ask, how the little carburetor motorcycle in the operation of the work?

carburetor is actually a tube, tube in the middle there is a known as throttle door plank of adjustable plate, are used to control the flow of air through the tube. Tube, there is a section called throat tube contraction in the contraction section will form a vacuum. The contraction section orifice, the use of vacuum can be hole inhale fuel from now on.

motorcycle carburetor looks very complicated, but as long as mastering some principle, can adjust the motorcycle to the best state. All carburetors are working under the basic principle of the atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure is a powerful pressure on everything. It will be a slight change, but in general there are fifteen pounds per square inch pressure. This means that the atmospheric pressure in anything is fifteen pounds per square inch pressure. By changing the engine and the atmospheric pressure inside the carburetor, can change the pressure and make the fuel and air flow through the carburetor.

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