The working principle of the section plunger valve carburetor

by:DEFUS     2020-05-25

Cars with the normal work of the mechanical equipment, leave the engine, the engine is its heart, and is driven by the carburetor engine, carburetor and air to drive the engine by adjusting the oil, so they are linked together, all play an important role, be short of one cannot. Carburetor main section has a plunger valve carburetor with constant pressure vacuum diaphragm carburetors two kinds. Carburetor factory today to give us the first section introduces the plunger valve carburetor and its working principle.

section plunger valve carburetor is usually referred to as 'for the plunger type carburetor. The plunger as the choke up and down movement = the accelerator, the size of the control over gas section within the carburetor = controls the amount of steam engine. Column is the main oil needle, along with the plunger synchronous movement, controlled the plunger below the main oil foam pipe outlet cross section, the quantity of oil is actually control the oil of the Lord. Shape and height of the main oil needle is very exquisite, determine the output characteristics of the carburetor.

section plunger valve, the up and down movement of the controlled by steel wire throttle line, and throttle line movement, is controlled by the throttle handle; So step on the gas in action, in fact is through the twisted throttle handle position = improve the plunger. Through the throttle line change the height of the plunger and the main oil needle, can flow and concentration of mixture of synchronous control, to control the torque and rotational speed of the engine. Plunger type carburetor idle more than the oil hole in the bottom of the plunger on a steam port, the move to the performance of the engine oil at low speed, idle speed easy to adjust and stable, and the main oil supply connection is better.

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