The working principle of the tank cover car radiator cap structure

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
The working principle of the tank cover car radiator cap structure, today ( ) Small make up to bring the working principle of the tank cover car radiator cap structure solution, hope you can like it. The working principle of the tank cover the tank cover itself with a pressure valve, its principle of work and household pressure cooker is similar. The purpose is to increase the pressure inside the container to achieve high efficiency and high temperature cooling effect. The tank cover is when the car is running, the working principle of coolant temperature e799bee5baa6e58685e5aeb931333365663530 rise, tank pressure increases, when the pressure reaches a certain extent, pressure valves are open pressure, then rushed out of the cooling liquid will flow into the overflow tank next to the, then when the car stops working, after cooling, vacuum cooling system and the overflow tank water back into the tank. The lid of the tank cover, a simple how can have such a big role? To improve the boiling point of water in the pressure cooker at the same principle. Pressure on the tank cover is in itself a pressure release valve, usually set in auto pressure of 1. 5 kg/cm2. After the water pressure, the boiling point of water will rise. Raise the temperature of the liquid cooling system, the liquid expansion, has led to an increased pressure. Pressure on the tank cover is the only export to release the pressure, so the lid spring setting determines the maximum pressure of the cooling system. When the stress reaches 1. 5 kg/cm2, pressure valve can be made, the cooling fluid flows from the cooling system. Cooling fluid through the bottom of the overflow pipe into the overflow tank. This device will cut off the air in the system. Radiator cooling, cooling system was formed in the vacuum, the valve will open another spring load, and then from the overflow of absorbing water to fill again has discharge at the bottom of water. Car radiator cap structure is also called the auto radiator radiator, are the main parts of the car cooling system; Function is send out quantity of heat, cooling water to absorb heat in the water jacket, after flowing to the radiator heat away, back to circulate in water jacket, air-conditioning. Is a component part of automobile engine. Tank is an important part of a water cooled engine, as an important component of water-cooled engine cooling loop components, can absorb heat cylinder body, prevent engine overheating due to large heat capacity of the water, after absorbing heat cylinder body temperature not many; So the heat of the engine by cooling water circuit, the liquid water is used as a heating medium heat conduction, by a large area of heat sink again, in the form of convection heat dissipation, the right to keep the engine operating temperature. When the engine when the water temperature is high, the water pump pump water recycling to reduce the temperature of the engine, ( The structure of the tank were hollow copper pipe. High temperature water into the tank through air cooling circulation to the engine cylinder wall) Achieve the purpose of protecting the engine, if the water temperature is too low in winter, this time will stop the water cycle, to avoid the engine temperature is too low. Mainly by the radiator core auto radiator, water pipes, cooling air on the blade, and the water tank, etc. Water tank in the radiator, by the pipe will be connected to the tank of water tanks and radiator below; Hot water on the downstream to the lower tank into warm water, cooling air blade channel, by suction fan and the relative wind speed when driving the car forward, make a lot of cold air through the air hole, cooling water will flow through the pipe of heat absorption, divergence in the atmosphere again. The above is the small make up to bring us the tank cover the working principle of auto radiator cap structure, hope to be of service, pay more attention to the accessories of knowledge information please ( )
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