Tire chain installation method have? The choose and buy of automotive chains on what is method

by:DEFUS     2020-06-19
Tire chain must have a lot of friends in the north is not strange, in the northeast, Inner Mongolia, etc. A lot of snow seriously, automobile chain basic car is essential. The next and everybody about the tire chain installation method have? The choose and buy of automotive chains on what is method? What tire chain installation method 1 and choose to park the car. Prior to installation on the road, must want to find a safe place to park, the road had better put warning labels, this is at the very least, safety consciousness, ask everybody to form a good habit. 2, start the installation chain. Make sure your car is front wheel or rear wheel drive, because the chain must be put in the group that plays a main role on tire. When do you know where the need is set is installed on tire chain, snow clean up around the tire, as much as possible out of a flat surface. Will spread the chain under the car, even on the ground of each chain first lock QQ on the tyres. Confirm the chain studded side toward the ground, this is part of the chain up the maximum traction. 3, make chain bit tight. If the car is a rear wheel drive car, you will be back to bite tight chain. If it's front-wheel drive, will push forward. Check each tire whether to hold the chain, lap up a gear on each side. Slowly and then get on the car, start the engine, be careful with the chain will xiang-qian che or move backward a distance. 4, fixed chain. Once your tires placed in the chain, took off the lap in the tyres at the top of the port. Each side must be a perfectly match the chain gear device. Give yourself a little room first, and then through the chain link fasten the two opposite sides of the device. 5, to protect the chain. Every rubber ring chain has four evenly distributed around the metal hook. On the edge of the tyre hubcap every metal hook in the form of cross cross fixed, this ensures that the chain of the tire will not slide. How the choose and buy of automotive chain method of 1, watch brand. For many owners, any safety equipment to choose carefully, especially the car chain. Now automotive industry chain is chaotic, the country's temporary ( It is 2014) Haven't publish industry standard, so you can use 'good and evil people mixed up' to describe the status quo of the industry, all claiming to be the best car chain. A lot of miscellaneous brands automotive chain are OEM products, does not have its own production technology, there is no uniform standard, let alone after sales. So choose a big brand, reliable and mature products became our selection of the most important factors. 2, see material pledge. Material is the most important factor in choosing chain, because car chain on the market at present the main difference is in this place. At present the main rubber chain with chain, chain, three is given priority to, in the three chains due to the heavy, injury has been rarely used for car tyres. The rest is beef tendon with rubber, which of the two kinds of rubber material will have more advantages than beef tendon; Beef tendon is a kind of plastic, easy to fracture under low temperature, and the rubber would not have these problems, the rubber with low temperature resistance, good elasticity, high friction, abrasion and other characteristics; So the car tires also will choose rubber. 3, the production process. It is also important, good process determines the security of your chain. Currently on the market chain of the production process generally is very simple, only a handful of chain fuel injector manufacturer has a relatively high production process, can be in the body and the arrangement of nylon rope chain chain. As a tire manufacturing similar. Nylon yarn and strengthen resistance role. On the chain body have prevent slippery effect of steel nails, this chain promotes multiplied the tearing resistance level, safety and natural multiplied the ascension. More about 'tire chain installation method have? The choose and buy of automotive chain method is how to 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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