Toyota 8 a engine introduced the Toyota 8 a engine quality

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
Toyota 8 a engine introduced how Toyota 8 a engine quality, today ( ) Small bring is the Toyota 8 a engine introduced the Toyota 8 a engine quality how to answer, hope you can like it. Toyota 8 a engine is introduced the Toyota 8 a Toyota company specifically for the small cars in the 1990 s the development of an engine, it is mainly used in the Toyota some low-end products. Because of 8 a good performance and low fuel consumption, low cost control at the same time, after the market popular, known as the '1. 5, 1. 0 fuel consumption '. In 1998 the first batch of imported Toyota 8 a engine xiali in domestic production. In 2000, Toyota and the time of the tianjin xiali automobile co. , LTD. , a joint venture in tianjin xiali is the advantage to month, to domestic 8 a engine are carrying on their own after xiali 2000, appearance, xiali N3 models, etc. Because early Toyota 8 a engine is foreign sales, also is the Toyota cars also can buy. So was represented by geely series models, through purchasing 8 a engine implements the first models of dynamic matching. But as Toyota vehicle layout in China gradually improve, 8 a engine will no longer provide the partners of automobile manufacturers. Toyota 8 a engine quality how Toyota 8 a engine emissions to 1342 ml, maximum power 63 kw ( 86 ps) / 6000 RPM, the maximum torque of 110 n · m / 5200 RPM, such a data not lag behind even by today's standards, and assembly on the curb weight is less than 900 kilograms of xiali, a big horse car, the dynamic performance can enjoy only need to spend much money, or to satisfy the was part of the buyers of the psychological. This engine is adopted in the structure of 16 valve design of double overhead camshaft, compression ratio is 9. 3, the rise in 47 kw power. Ignition way adopted relatively backward distributor ignition, mechanical structure, because it is so inaccurate on the ignition timing control. And it is not now the general assembly, variable valve timing, such as electronic throttle technology. 8 a engine can technically no window, and it can become the most important reason is that the classic, durability, robustness, low fuel consumption, maintenance is very convenient, economic car in the purchase of the crowd is one of the most value and focus point. Using 90 # gasoline, domestic still keep the quality of the Toyota 8 a engine is equipped with three yuan catalysts, exhaust emission up to the European Ⅱ standard. Because the engine compression is low, so even if the long-term use of 90 # gasoline also won't have any problems, and using 93 # gasoline, can be more energy efficient, dynamic performance is better, this is not fussy characteristics is suited to China's national conditions. While 8 a engine can still maintain in the localization of Toyota quality, it is the quality of product excellence, to 8 a engine in domestic product these years almost half of the economical car engine. Toyota 8 a engine can become a classic, has its special historical background, in the years of China's auto market has just started, it with Mr Abhisit, durable, fuel efficient characteristics such as winning the trust of many consumers. At the same time with it as a benchmark, some national brands also opened up a generic plus secondary development of new roads. Although it has no outstanding technology, but to a certain extent, but it is very much in China's national conditions, even now, it seems, at 8 a engine is still in people's memory is so beautiful. Above is little to bring us the Toyota 8 a engine introduced how Toyota 8 a engine quality content, hope to be of help, the more auto parts information please attention ( )
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