Transformers 2 cars which come back?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
Words for millions of years ago, a called Cybertron ( Cybertron) The planet, there was a group of senior intelligence robot, they are inherently endowed with two factions: autobots ( The autobots) A group of peaceful and comfortable robot; The decepticons ( The decepticons) Is dedicated to destruction and conquest, a group of evil battle droids. For energy and energy, they kept on fighting. In 2007, we passed the movie 'transformers' witnessed the both sides of the war, next month, 'transformers 2' revenge is about to release, at the same time around the world this affinity with cars film is bound to be the most worth 2009 fans are looking forward to the film, film in the car and the decepticons, on the original car will also become the focus of attention. Bumblebee: Chevrolet Camaro roles: the autobots autobots scouts in transformers 1, bumble bees is not one of the autobots, sometimes also appears at loggerheads, but extremely rich sense of humor, it Zeng Yinnan protagonist in jest become handsome invincible sports car, especially the bright yellow body come like a whirlwind towards the earth. Of the 84 version of the animation, the role is a yellow beetle. And the movie version, it is the Chevrolet Camaro. In the upcoming sequel, Chevrolet Camaro will continue to play the important role of the hornets, but the cast is has announced the production, the listing of 2010 chevy Camaro. As early as in 1967, general motors is launched the first generation of Chevrolet Camaro, now the classical models have been developed to the fifth generation. Classics in the tradition of the Chevrolet brand sports car culture elements and inspiration, 2010 chevy Camaro will performance, comfort and advanced science and technology together, perfectly show the charm of modern, forward-looking, further shows the Chevrolet brand 'in the future for me to' extraordinary tolerance. Small hornets: Chevrolet cruze role: bumblebee brother Chevrolet cruze ( Cruze) In the heart of the 'transformers 2' as a 'small wasp. In the film, it is the little brother 'bumblebee', is an equally autobots, bravery and hardiness, charismatic will be teamed up with 'bumblebee', jointly protect people and the planet. Show in the movie, this for cruze just landed in China market, no doubt increased the weight of victory. It is understood that in 1984 animated film 'transformers' popular in the United States, after the prototype in transformers are sustained, especially the hornets prototype Volkswagen beetle, but also became a veritable masses sports lovers. In fact, as gm transformation compact product after the release of the first global compact, Chevrolet Cruze ( Cruze) Also is the key to a successful transformation of gm products. Barricade: the audi R8 roles: the decepticons decepticons figures barricade though not the transformers the protagonist of the story, but it is the decepticons evil nature of a significant performance. In transformers 1, barricade prototype is a ford mustang, also someone once put it with the battle between the hornet, as ford and Chevrolet competition, just use a very novel way. In the upcoming 'transformers 2', the barricade of the audi R8 mid-engine sports car. To this, many in the audience said, as the hornets can't always be beetles, villain could not always ford mustang, aesthetic also to prevent the fatigue of the transformers. Combat warriors: Chevrolet Volt roles: the autobots autobots Jolt in 'transformers 2', the car people will have a new appearance of autobots fight warriors, it is an electric car, has a strong strong 'constitution', as long as it is very dangerous, it will appear, its goal is to save the world. The prototype of the autobots is the Chevrolet Volt. It is reported that gm chief executive rick wagoner had to ride the Chevrolet Volt to Washington for the United States government bailout funds. According to introducing, the Chevrolet Volt power to full-time, full to drive the vehicle. When the range is less than 60 km, body completely rely on only one car reserves by 16 KWH lithium-ion battery power to drive. When the battery runs out of electricity, the Volt can pass a car gasoline or ethanol fuel generators to provide power for vehicles, and can also provide on-board battery recharged, so as to realize the driving ability of hundreds of kilometers. It is understood that the Chevrolet Volt will be introduced into China market in 2011, which is after the cruze come to Chinese consumers and a Chevrolet models, it seems, intimate contact with the Chevrolet motor is not a fantasy. Chevrolet corvette concept car: car people cross autobots gun Chevrolet corvette Stingray concept car will join 'transformers 2', and in the autobots Sidewipe horizontal gun, is a sequel to add one of the roles of China and Singapore. Prototype combines modern corvette racing bike with classic 1963 corvette Stingray sports car lines, especially around and separated rear window lasting appeal, is an important attempt in the history of the development of corvette.
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