Turbine engine maintenance cycle is how long? Turbo engine maintenance needs oil

by:DEFUS     2020-06-19
Turbine engine components, must always pay attention to the turbocharger is there any sound or unusual vibration, in addition, it should also be regular service, China auto parts below small make up with all of you about the turbine engine maintenance cycle is how long? Turbo engine maintenance needs oil? Turbine engine maintenance cycle is how long the survey found that there are a lot of imported cars are maintain a 10000 km. But whether your vehicle can also, want to see the actual usage, is mostly in the high speed or often urban roads. Suggested that his replacement of high quality oil for the first time, to around 7000, check the oil, if it's cleaner, feel with the hand, few impurities, is 10000 km maintenance once a year. Otherwise with better oil, once every 7000 km sure no problem. Small make up recommend or to do maintenance manual written, turbocharging system need good cooling and lubrication, cooling and lubrication oil plays a role, it is time to not change the engine damage is very big, to speed up the wear and tear, caused serious supercharger will burn out. In earlier, don't be too long. Cars are installed on the turbocharger operating temperature as high as 900 ℃ - 1000 ℃, under the full load working state its speed can reach 180000-200000 revolutions per minute. It's working conditions is very bad, to meet the requirements of the use, the materials used and accuracy requirements are very high, so the price also is relatively expensive, generally in ten thousand yuan of above. We can according to the following several aspects to prolong the service life of the turbocharger. As a result of the turbocharger is to rely on oil to cool, cool car start time poor lubrication, the supercharger if high speed, the wear. Should be idle running two or three minutes, such as oil good lubrication performance of the engine high speed running again, so that the turbocharger get sufficient lubrication, it is particularly important in winter. Turbo engine maintenance need oil maintenance turbocharged engines need to use high grade synthetic engine oil, because of the turbo engine, combustion temperature and working pressure on the engine more than naturally aspirated engines. So the turbo engine taller to the requirement of lubrication and cooling. In order to keep the engine running in a more demanding work environment, ordinary mineral oil has been difficult to meet the needs of the work, must choose lubricating and cleaning ability better synthetic engine oil. Synthetic engine oil lubrication, cleaning ability and friction resistance are greatly better than the mineral oil, and lubricating oil film set up fast, high oil film strength and good stability. Turbocharged models, therefore, must use the synthetic engine oil, it is best to use fully synthetic engine oil. Fully synthetic engine oil while a single maintenance cost will be increased, but the whole synthetic oil oil change cycle can reach 8000 to 10000 kilometers, the comprehensive balance maintenance cost will not increase significantly. Turbo technology models for the consumption of oil and lubrication degree requirements are particularly high, will recommend the fuel injector manufacturer specified to shorten the maintenance interval to 5000 kilometers, 7500 kilometers, and try to use the original oil. Because turbo engine because parts is much, often should pay attention to the turbocharger is there any sound or unusual vibration, have to check the oil pipe and joint leakage. The supercharger exhaust outlet whether residual oil, whether there is oil inside the compressor inlet straight wall. The phenomenon of turbocharged engine oil consumption, in fact is not a universal problem. But for the sake of prevention, recommended to pull out the engine oil feet regularly, check the oil consumption, to ensure that the oil position within the normal range. If there is a visible oil consumption, the best to repair station for testing as soon as possible. Especially mass EA888 series, needed to be aware of this problem, must be regularly check the oil consumption. More about 'turbine engine maintenance cycle is how long? The content of the turbo engine maintenance needs oil? 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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