Under what circumstances the abs anti-lock system under what circumstances

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
Under what circumstances the abs anti-lock system under what circumstances use lock braking system is what we are called the abs system. If you are equipped with vehicles, unless there is a fault, or by default it will remain the state of open, and always in standby state, that is to say, can't release or close it manually. Although the anti-lock braking system is always in standby state, but it will only in some special circumstances involved in work. Anti-lock braking system under what circumstances on a dashboard brackets, there is a circle, it is ABS characters, and if the mark symbol flashing on behalf of the anti-lock braking system in an open position. If the anti-lock braking system in an open position, most likely failure problem, this time waiting to repair station should be a comprehensive test. Anti-lock braking system is through the installed on the wheels of the sensor signals of the wheel will be lock. Regulator by a regulator instruction fall over the wheel brake cylinder oil, reduce the braking torque, the wheel has been in a running condition, and the ability to have the largest braking torque. If the car is not installed ABS, or said the braking system failure problem, so in the process of driving if on the brake pedal, rapid decline of wheel speed. If the braking force more than the friction of the wheel and the ground, so the wheel will be lock, extremely easy to appear the phenomenon of sideslip. Abs in what circumstances with abs braking system and ESP ( Electronic stability control system) And other electronic equipment are all belong to the automobile active safety of a typical configuration, if the airbag and seatbelt is at the time of accident to protect you, then the anti-lock braking system is a safety system to avoid accident. The automotive anti-lock braking system is used in what circumstances? ABS system main function is to be able to prevent wheel lock lose the direction, not in order to shorten the braking distance. So as long as we understand for as long as the wheel lock trend, ABS will push them to go to work. If without the help of the ABS system once the brake wheel lock, then the wheel rolling friction becomes sliding friction with the ground, at this time will not be able to operate the steering wheel to wheel rotation, sometimes is such accident took place. Generally speaking, the ordinary braking system can make the car as far as possible in the short distance of braking, but if the brake is going too late, so can't completely stop before collisions with obstacles, are still unable to prevent the accident. The ABS braking system is the biggest role in keeping the brake at the same time retain the ability to control steering, so we could choose to bypass obstacles ahead in the process of braking, so as to avoid accidents. How to relieve automobile abs, holding in death of under the requirement of laws and regulations, abs anti-lock braking system is every car must be equipped with safety system, car companies no matter how reduce match again, abs anti-lock braking system must be retained. As above said, abs anti-lock braking system will remain open on standby state, so the general civil car is unable to close the abs. But abs anti-lock braking system on some high-performance models can be lifted, so they can play drift and spin fancy operation. The way of high performance car lifting abs anti-lock braking system is very simple, such as driving Mercedes AMG A45 mode choice to the drift model, abs anti-lock braking system will shut down. , of course, the so-called high-performance car lifting abs anti-lock braking system most only in view of the rear wheel, after all, the front wheel holding the dead can't dozen direction.
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