Vacuum carburetor adjustment strategy

by:DEFUS     2020-05-24

carburetor is the important components of engine, affect the service life of the engine, which affects the normal operation of the machinery and equipment, so should pay attention to the maintenance of carburetor regularly, but also adjust the carburetor. Vacuum carburetor less adjustable, easy to grasp, usually only two regulation, respectively is air-fuel adjusting screw with the idle speed screw, specific adjustment steps are as follows:

1, the car will first hold up, air-fuel adjusting screw clockwise is to spin, then back 1/2 circle;

2, the idle speed screw is clockwise rotation, the spring pressure under the idle speed screw shall prevail;

3, start the engine, the speed will be very high, we should pay attention to the following details: A, the air-fuel adjusting screw counterclockwise, slowly speed, under normal circumstances should be higher, listen carefully until after the counterclockwise rotation speed will no longer continue to rise, that is to say, listening with ears out of the rotation speed of the highest & other; Top dead center & throughout; , you can stop to rotate. B, if air-fuel after adjusting screw counterclockwise direction slowly rotating speed does not change, under the idle speed screw spring compression tight, make the start speed is too high, the human ear cannot distinguish, can be appropriately the idle speed screw back down A little bit starting speed, and then re-execute A of the method. Carburetor air-fuel regulation failure or poor quality, if still have no reaction to give up after cleaning the carburetor adjusting carburetor, the carburetor for repair or replacement. After the stop adjusting screw to rotate the air-fuel, keep the engine work, the idle speed screw counterclockwise, slowly let idle down, normal should be 1200 - 1500 turn, idle shoulds not be too low, in order to facilitate everyone to identify standard idle, I made a sample, probably is 1300 - Between 1400 RPM.

after completion of the above regulation, under the condition of the engine running, with the hand sharp step on the gas and gas recovery.

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