Volkswagen oil alarm could open up a mass hydraulic exception could open up

by:DEFUS     2020-08-27
Mass oil alarm could open up a mass oil pressure anomalies can also open it normally, only under the normal oil pressure, oil can be timely transferred to the engine all components of the friction surface, so the oil lubrication is very important for the engine. If the lubrication system fails, will seriously damage the engine. The oil can open vehicles after alarm? Volkswagen oil alarm can also open the oil alarm lights should immediately seek a place, do not affect traffic safety stop. Think of some way to oil supplement or request help! The oil alarm lights should pull over immediately! To know the car is entirely a matter of the oil lubrication of moving parts. Oil in addition to the lubrication, there is another important function is to cool the mechanical parts. If the oil alarm that the oil shortage. At this time of the dry friction will happen some moving parts. Fast dry friction can lead to mechanical parts wear and tear, may cause vehicle directly discarded! Another serious risk is dry friction can cause temperature rise sharply even produce sparks, cause car spontaneous combustion! Automobile engine oil on reasons: one is the oil sensor line loose, second, sensor failure, 3 it is aging oil pump, four oil viscosity is too thin and the oil temperature is too high, five is improper oil pressure valve adjustment, wear and aging makes the oil gas road, are likely to produce excess oil pressure is too low, make the oil pressure display lamp shining phenomenon appears, should immediately stop, immediately repair. Mass oil pressure anomalies can also open it both the public and other brand vehicles, hydraulic abnormal should be parked immediately, before the fault eliminated absolutely will not be able to continue to drive. Abnormal pressure refers to the oil pressure is insufficient, the instrument like a kettle of oil pressure indicator light will light up. Seven big role in the oil in the engine, lubrication, cooling and cleaning, seal, rust, shock absorption, and wear-resistant. Of the seven role of oil in the engine, the role of lubrication and cleaning is the most important. Engine oil pressure is insufficient, distribution agencies, connecting rod, piston and cylinder wall will be inadequate lubrication, so these parts will be increased, the friction between the noise and get bigger. Engine parts at run time, itself will have some wear and wear will be more serious when insufficient lubrication produce more metal scraps, mixed with a large number of metal particles of oil will make the parts more wear, is a vicious circle. The cause of abnormal mass oil pressure has a lot of, as Volkswagen, the first should check is the amount of oil is adequate. In engine stalled after the normal operation, through oil feet, check the oil level after three minutes, when the liquid level of middle scale line should be located in the highest point of MAX and MIN's lowest, so the oil is enough. When the amount of oil is lower than MIN, should be added immediately. More about 'public oil alarm could open up a mass oil pressure anomalies could open up? ' the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention. , your car's warm harbor!
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