Warm your car - 2016 DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-06
Has entered the winter, in a twinkling of an eye for your car ready to resist cold? Also like master changed into the winter? Therefore, meijia embellish oil change center to provide you with several maintain the advice of the car. 1. Adjust the hand brake slack: winter road slippery, handbrake action more, need to adjust the firmness, must pull when parking, can guarantee the car slow slip. 2. Prepare the snow chain items such as: may at any time during the winter snow, auto supplies should be ready in advance on the snow in case of urgent need. 3. Fuse box: clean, inspect and timely replace faulty fuse, keep auto fuse box clean, avoid the winter dark car broke down by the fuse problem. 4. Inspect and replace the winter glass water: in the winter below zero degrees Celsius environment should replace the antifreeze glass of water in winter. 5. Check rubber wiper: winter low temperature aging of rubber wiper is stiff, cannot use, best replacement to ensure safety. 6. Check before and after the light, the light bulb: check in advance to replace good blackened bulbs, can reduce the number change sedan car light bulb in the winter. 7. Battery: the battery electrolyte can't deficit, keep plate submerged 10 mm as well, and check the electrolyte density, keep charging quantity, if the battery charging is not enough, easy to crack damage in the cold. 8. Warm wind: check the car warm wind pipe and fan, especially pay attention to the windshield defrost outlet wind is normal, and that if it is heat, windshield defrosting outlet has a problem in the winter driving will bring a lot of trouble and insecurity. 9. The amount of antifreeze, automotive antifreeze must be appropriate, different areas and different models should pay attention to the freezing point of antifreeze and model, using at least 2 years of antifreeze should be replaced, mixed antifreeze year must be replaced. Pay attention to the different brand different types of products do not mix. DEFUS fuel injectoroil change center is good neighbors around you car, even in the winter, make your car easily in winter start! DEFUS for model with antifreeze minus 45 ℃, freezing point to give your car a full range of security! Into DEFUS fuel injectorshop to do for your car free 21 items of automobile safety testing, the escort to your car.
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