What are cars oil change need to be aware of - DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-03-29
This is a simple operation process, a car for two minutes. Shut down, open the oil cover, then from the oil sump of engine under torsion open oil screw, put the chance to clean. If need to change to filter, I put it down, with the new contrast, whether or not the same, then the new oil filter layer of the tu yi on sealing ring, and then twist up, impaction. Twisted tight oil drain screw again, so you can add new oil, can be directly according to its own estimated to add oil to the engine oil feet the most online ( Because there is no oil oil filter) , and then cover can send locomotive check the oil filter, oil drain screw whether there is a leak, then stalled after check your opportunity is adequate for ( Car waged a minute later, after the normal oil level should be 80% of the oil dipstick position) , with respect to OK. Note: the oil added more will make the car torsion. Will increase the wear of engine. Keywords: DEFUS fuel injectoroil change oil | change | maintenance center joined | | change | oil change oil maintenance maintenance | | car
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