What are naturally aspirated engines work? Naturally aspirated engine maintenance cycle is long

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
Naturally aspirated ( English: NormallyAspirated) Is a kind of auto air intake, in the case of without any supercharger, atmospheric pressure will be a form of air pressure into the combustion chamber. China auto parts below small make up with all of you about the working principle of the naturally aspirated engine have? How long is a naturally aspirated engine maintenance period? What are naturally aspirated engines work naturally aspirated is no supercharger, refers to the pure air through the air filter - — Throttle ( We commonly known as 'the accelerator') — — Intake manifold - — Reach the 'cylinder', gasoline is by direct injection fuel injector nozzle (in the intake manifold Usually electronic fuel injection, is now the latest technology in cylinder injection, on behalf of vw magotan) 。 In four cylinder engine as an example, a piston for a work there are four stroke: downward ( Inlet valve is opened, the pressure difference, air and fuel mixture in under the action of pressure difference into the cylinder) — — The upward ( Inlet valve closed, compressed gas mixture, the piston upward to the highest point ignition) — — Downward ( Mixture combustion, forces the pistons to work abroad, output power) — — Upward again, The exhaust valve opens, the exhaust) 。 Naturally aspirated is refers to in the above the first stroke, the mixture is to rely on the pressure difference between the natural form of inspiratory, supercharged is refers to the first gas compression, increase the gas pressure and density, when the valve opens by differential pressure and high pressure to increase the volume of the gas itself, increase power. What are the precautions for naturally aspirated engine maintenance 1, oil, naturally aspirated engine technology is very mature, so naturally aspirated engine oil in the three aspects of the choice, is easier than with a T, don't need more high oil, choose to suit their own line, at the time of maintenance, choosing a naturally aspirated engine oil is not so high turbocharged requirements. According to the timely replacement of the manual replacement cycle, usually is 5000 - 7500 kilometers in a oil, if some poor transport conditions can shorten cycle properly. But no matter what kind of engine, fully synthetic engine oil used for the protection of the engine it is certain to reach the designated position. 2, carbon deposition, drive after a long time, in the car engine will have a lot of carbon, much carbon will cause the loss of engine performance, mainly for power, fuel consumption, exhaust pollutants increase, appear even cold start is difficult, to accelerate the sound, etc. So I drive for a long time, can undertake a engine clean, can use fuel detergent, cleaning the engine (best Fuel oil system, cooling system, lubricating system, etc. ) Engine, can thoroughly remove carbon deposition. Is 3, and a/a/oil filter, fuel filter, air filter. The oil from the pores of filter through the oil of solid particles and then accumulate in the filter. Such as filter plugging, oil cannot pass filter, will burst filter or open the valve, from the bypass valve, through, still put the dirt back to the lubrication part, prompted the engine wear and tear, internal increased pollution. Air filter can filter out the dust in the air, to ensure that the cylinder air clean. 4, check engine, every once in a while, you can check the engine, open hood, to check the engine and accessories for oil, dirt, especially joint cylinder head and cylinder, the oil filter outlet, air conditioning compressor, steering booster pump, such as transmission shaft combined with cracks in presence of leakage. This ensures that the next trip won't appear some unexpected happens. More about 'naturally aspirated engines work? What are those? Naturally aspirated engine maintenance cycle is how long the content of the 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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