What are the advantages and disadvantages for BMW's mini

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
MINI car is from the UK, it behind the culture and history is very deep, it was born in 1959, in the nearly half a century of development, in fact, the MINI brand has kept many unique elements themselves. Look what upside down big changes on the appearance, on the contrary there are a lot of elements, it in the decades of design has always been to keep down, the MINI in the new season and also divided into three versions and five versions of the door, in the two different series, everyone can choose the MINI one MINI cooper and MINI cooper s so even there are some very like sport style element owners, can also be optional equipment. Super work of the sports package, we will now talk about a new season of the MINI product, must enlarge local, little by little you will find, it's really different, why, this is said to British brand design language, and it's the design concept. British culture is actually a very implicit culture, just like this time a new season of the MINI, face before it actually does some to design, in particular is like the MINI, its headlights from MINI COOPER this models start up has been standard on the LED lights of the whole system. Will be more bright, the overall and if you have needs, can also be equipped with the follow-up headlamps, the headlight design more round, it will form in the headlights and a halo effect, so both LED driving lights up during the day, or open your headlights at night. The whole of the MINIJ lamp modelling is very intense, also in front the whole section, you will also find that the most insignificant changes, and also the need to the change of amplification, is the logo part of it, the MINI logo across the surface into a smooth 2 d design. This and previous design actually nothing much different. We also know that English is such, very conservative, but I can see in front of the whole face of parts, as today we got the car it's biggest luminescent spot, is it in the front of the sports package, because the car options with cooper, the work of sports kit. So it is the former bar ahead of the front air intake, particularly fierce, speeding when also can give the whole of the MINI offer to some of the pressure, to make it in high speed condition. Just down more smoothly, I walked to the side, also can see on the wheel, also is to have, because the traditional MINI is the 15 inch wheels, this time the new season products the hub to the standard of 16 inch, if you again optional sports package, as today we see the wheel it has chosen to 17 inches, and it not only gets bigger, also can choose to hollow out the design of the double color collocation. In the interior design, interior design new MINI still USES the circular design style. The co-pilot front panel can be customized options, highlight the user personality. Introduction to new MINI models equipped with 6 ONE series. 5 inches control screen, while COOPER series and above models to upgrade the brand new 8. 8 'control panel, and increases the MINI cloud interconnection services ( Real-time traffic information, remote intelligent control door lock/speaker/lights and air conditioning, etc. ) , such as wireless charging, apple CarPlay configuration. Power on the MINI carrying engine in the BMW group 2. 0 t engine belongs to low power version, but for a petite MINI is absolutely not weak. Lengthen the increased MINI, open up will not feel procrastination, accelerate the feeling is still strong, 5 door version of the MINI half a kilometer accelerated 6. 8 seconds, call it the app too much. And unique advantages, never out of fashion, style restoring ancient ways have ample space to DIY. Second, exaggerated chic interior is a fascinating, and the space is larger than the beatles, the fiat 500, Smart. Three, suitable for age and gender also is wider than the other three, not just women, men between the ages of 40 when leisure also has a lot of goods. One disadvantage, the overall price is not high. Second, the wind resistance coefficient due to itself modelling factors than competing goods vehicles beetle streamlined, only through the tire width to reduce fuel consumption is reduced, so the tread to narrow.
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