What are the advantages of stealth clothing? How to choose a contact clothing

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
Car contact clothing because of its special function, more and more get the majority of owners, but many owners don't understand the advantages and disadvantages of cars contact clothing, China auto parts below small make up with all of you are on invisible what's good about clothing? How to choose a contact clothing? What benefits 1 stealth clothing, prevent the paint was malicious cut: malicious scratch paint can be directly protect key class hard objects. Because stealth car garment is thickening material, the magnitude of the normal malicious row car keys is not through the wind car shadow of surface protective film. Is your car lacquer face the ultimate protection. 2, self-healing: protection material itself has a strong flexibility and relatively self-healing performance, being slightly rub herself, can automatically recover fine scratches, let the car if brightness is new. 3, high gloss, high transparency: the product itself has a high gloss and transparency, glossiness, stick the protective film will not reduce the body can also improve gloss paint, reduce the paint after such as maintenance costs, let your car for a long time if brightness is new. 4, uv protection: the product itself has anti-uv layer, can resist ultraviolet radiation damage in car paint, let your car drive a few years later on the paint itself and same factory, bright and clean like new. 5, isolating the paint all harmful damage: daily computer car wash, shellac gum, acid rain, dust, splashing asphalt pavement, tell flying stones, paint gloss coating crystal chemical plating paint protection type products can add a bit of paint hardness, can be in a period of time simply resist ultraviolet ray, shellac, acid rain, sandstorm, but like highway slungshot, poor washing the car, malicious cut heavy damage also need to paint protection film (such as Physical sticker) Stealth clothing this completely physical isolation methods for ultimate protection. 6, prevent minor scratches: for some cases of minor scratches, according to a lot of customers posted on stealth clothing, contact clothing manufacturers can have very good protection effect, general scratches the other side of the car may be off a car paint, but car posted contact clothing may survive without loss, or is it just local protective film slightly damaged, can through the method of polishing processing, if local protective film can also be damaged heavy stick, usually 30 minutes or 2 hours can handle, if there is no protective film on the car paint surface is damaged, in addition to trouble walking insurance program, painting commonly 4 s shops are waiting time need 3 days to 8 days. So posted surface protective film from the cost of time and energy is saved greatly. 7, heat insulation heat preservation and heat insulation: posted a thicker because of physical layer, and the scorching sun of summer, cut off play a role, make steel plate heat conduction slightly lower, internal air conditioning cold air at the same time also will be better closed in the car to prevent conduction outward, have the effect of heat preservation fuel-efficient, isolation from the outdoor low temperature in winter, to keep the car warm air temperature is the same way. One thing is will have its two sides, stealth clothing is not exceptional also, the owner must want to clear, cars, with invisible clothing is also harmful to healthy, first of all, is the construction of trival, the price is higher, Imported film is in commonly 5000 yuan of above) After, the second is, although labeled for minor scratches is of help, but once appear larger accident, vehicle membrane all get off and ripped to words would be a great damage to paint ( Original paint doesn't hurt) 。 So the owner must consider carefully. Of course, if the condition allows, or advised to choose a regular brand, also want to believe you get what you pay for the truth! How to choose a stealth vehicle 1, tactility. Good quality clothing is soft, and its extension performance is very good, can according to the random show the ideal state of vehicle. And inferior of invisible car invisible film, there is no such a good extensibility. So there are a lot of high-grade car owners can choose to use this product. 2, the sense of taste. If you smell the taste of a very strong chemicals, then it illustrates the clothing by use of raw materials is poor. Good contact clothing should be no pungent taste or smell. 3, transparency. The higher, the transparency can be better together with the original car, completely will not affect the original paint, color and can also improve car lacquer GuanZe degrees. This is the best quality clothing quality performance, if it is a bad car, its transparency is low. 4, chemical reactions. Determine whether the car garments can be flame retardant. Because of no flame retardant clothing in case of fireworks, it is easy to leave a mark on the paint, so the high quality of invisible car has a flame retardant effect. What are the advantages of more than about 'stealth clothing? How to choose a contact clothing 'the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. 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