What are the auto belt replacement step? Long time no car belt maintenance error

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
The car's engine as a 'center' of the car, once there is a problem, the amount is equivalent to a 'plant'. The car engine belt ( Timing belt) Like the body's nervous, long time no care prone to wear or aging, easy to bring a lot of trouble if you have the travel. And everybody about the next car belt replacement steps have? Long time no car belt maintenance error? What are those? Car belt replacement measure what is the first step: shut down engine let it cool, open the engine hood found in front of the engine generator belt. Step 2: press the pulley belt between check its relaxation condition, if more than 1/2 inch from the press, the belt is loose, loose belt will affect the performance of the generator may even damage the belt. Step 3: check the oil or grease contamination condition of generator belt, flip the belt to check whether there is crack, lack of the rubber block and the inner sliding. Step 4: loosen adjusting bolt, generator and adjusting the pivot bolt. Step 5: inward generator loosen your belt. Step 6: from the generator belt on the pulley will be stripped down, then remove the generator belt. Step 7: will tear open come down to the old new contrast belt, belt and confirmed after installing a new belt. Step 8: pull generator outward until the belt is tight, to ensure that the generator belt installed in the right position. Step 9: adjust the pivot bolt in strict accordance with the fuel injector manufacturer specification. Step 10: start the engine repair verification results, re-examine the belt elasticity after shut down the engine. Automotive belt maintenance error what the maintenance for automobile engine belt wear and prevent aging, are defined, in defining machine front rare leather belts, each belt take the primary results. In the proposed machine, through the belt drive drive all kinds of auxiliary operation, such as air conditioner shrinking machine, power steering pump, alternator, etc. Assume that if the belt, perhaps a skid, will make the related auxiliary loss function, or make its function to drop, and affect the normal use of cars. Belt of the reflection method is very simple. First reflection of belt tension, then can use thumb and strength to press the two pulley in the middle of the belt. According to the pressure of about 10 kg, quantity of the hypothesis belt around 10 mm, argues that knock for belt tension. Assuming that large amount of pressure, argues that lack of belt tension. Assumes that the belt is hardly a reduction, the thought of belt tension is too large. Tension are lacking, the belt is literally a skid. Tension is too large, easy damage of all kinds of auxiliary engine bearings. So, small make up recommend you, should have the relevant adjusting nut or bolt loosen, adjust the tension of the belt to the best of shape. In addition, small make up to tell you that the abrasion of vehicle maintenance and repair also must be aware of the belt. The old belt wear serious, make the belt and pulley contact area collapse. At this time only a heavy pressure belt, belt is deeply sink to the pulley groove. Belt rubber aging remains a problem, assuming that belt rubber serious aging, small make up recommend, to change a new belt in a timely manner. More about 'car belt replacement steps have? Long time no maintenance error what 'all contents of the auto belt, hope useful for everyone.
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