What are the basic structure of the diesel generator? What is the working principle of diesel generator

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
Diesel generator is based on diesel fuel, diesel generator as the prime mover, drive a generator of a small power generation equipment. The entire unit generally by diesel generators, alternators, control box, fuel tank, starting control battery, protection devices, such as emergency tank parts. China auto parts below small make up with all of you is to explain in detail the basic structure of the diesel generator? What is the working principle of diesel generator? What is diesel generator the basic structure of the diesel generator the basic structure is composed of diesel generators and generator. Diesel generator driven generator to produce electricity. Diesel generator the basic structure of the cylinder, piston, cylinder head, inlet valve, exhaust valve, piston pin, connecting rod, crankshaft, bearing, and a flywheel. Diesel generators diesel generators are generally single cylinder or multi cylinder four stroke diesel generators. I will talk about the basic working principle of single cylinder four stroke diesel generator, diesel generator starting with human or other power turn the crankshaft of diesel generators, making the piston in the cylinder closed up and down. The movement of the piston to finish four strokes: the intake stroke, compression stroke, combustion and work ( Inflation) Stroke and exhaust stroke. When the piston moving from top to bottom, ino, completed by air filter filtration of fresh air into the cylinder intake stroke. Piston movement from bottom to top, into the exhaust valve closed, compressed air, temperature and pressure, compression process is complete. When the piston is about to reach the top, will filter the fuel injector with mist sprayed into the combustion chamber, with high temperature and high pressure air mixing, ignition immediately. High pressure will push the piston down work, promote the crankshaft, finish the work schedule. After the completion of the power stroke, the piston moves from down to up, exhaust exhaust valve open, complete the exhaust stroke. Every stroke cranking half a circle. After several work cycle, diesel generators under the effect of inertia of the flywheel speed gradually. Diesel generator of the crankshaft drives the generator to produce electricity. Generators have a diesel generator and diesel generator. Diesel generator is mainly composed of generator shell, magnetic core, magnetic coil, the armature and the carbon brush. Power generation principle: when the generator armature driven by diesel generators, the armature coil due to the residual magnetism of generator pole magnetic core cut magnetic lines. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, produced by the magnetic induction current, output by carbon brush. Diesel generator is mainly composed of polar alternating magnetic materials (permanent magnet According to the rotor) And more groups of silicon cast iron series coil made of the armature coils ( According to the stator) Composition. Power generation principle: the rotor driven by diesel generators, magnetic field to cut off the spool. Alternating poles in the coil of the stator core formed in the alternating magnetic field. When the rotor rotates, the direction and the size of the magnetic flux will change many times. Due to the changes of magnetic field, coil can produce induced current with the change of the size and direction, and stator coil will transmit electric current. In order to protect the electric equipment and maintain its normal operation, generator current also needs regulator to adjust and control. What is the principle of diesel generator in a nutshell, diesel generator to drive the generator. Within the cylinder, the air cleaner filter clean air with the fuel injector nozzle jet high pressure spray diesel mix. When the piston squeeze upward, the volume decreases, and temperature rise quickly, reach the flash point of diesel generator. Diesel ignition, mixture combustion, volume rapid expansion, the piston push down, known as the 'work'. Work, the order of the cylinder according to certain effects on the piston thrust becomes the force which drives the crankshaft by connecting rod rotation, thus promote the crankshaft rotation. The rotation of the generator can be used to drive the generator rotor. Generator using the electromagnetic induction principle, through the closed loop load circuit output induced electromotive force and generate an electric current. Here introduces the basic working principle of generator set only. In order to achieve effective and stable power output, also need a series of diesel generator and generator control and protection devices and circuits. More about 'what is the basic structure of the diesel generator? What is the working principle of diesel generator 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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