What are the benefits of removing carbon deposits of car?

by:DEFUS     2020-05-22
When the cleaning agent is working on the engine, it is sucked into the fuel supply line along with the fuel by the fuel pump. With the flow of fuel, it can not only clean the gum in the fuel tank, the gasoline pump filter, and the gum and carbon deposits on the fuel injection fuel injector nozzle, but also automatically clean the valve and the engine cylinder when the engine is working normally. The carbon deposits make the engine 'return to old' and renew its surging power. The benefits of removing carbon deposits: 1. Effectively remove carbon deposits and impurities in the fuel injection fuel injector nozzle, intake valve neck, intake duct and combustion chamber; 2. Effectively solve the problems of vehicle jitter and oil blockage, maintain smooth idle speed, and reduce harmful exhaust emissions; 3. It contains lubricant, which will not damage the oil film on the cylinder wall during the process of removing carbon deposits in the combustion chamber to prevent abnormal wear of the engine; 4. There is no damage to the oxygen sensor components of various exhaust gas purification devices.
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