What are the causes of carbon deposit? What are parts and harms of the carbon deposit

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
The use of the engine after a period of time, because of the dust in the air and make the oil gas trap impurities not free or congestion, plus the combustion process of carbon deposition. Will lead to incomplete combustion engine, the performance decline, increased fuel consumption and exhaust temperature, wait for a phenomenon. The next explains the causes of coke formation under all have? What are parts and harms of the carbon deposit? Carbon deposit at work, what are the causes of engine fuel and into the combustion chamber of a small amount of lubricating oil is unlikely to complete combustion, part of the unburned oily glue adhesion formed under high temperature and oxidation in the inlet valve, inlet pipe, piston or surface of combustion chamber, and then further through action of high temperature condensed the asphalt mixture, and the oil coke quality carbon deposit was formed. The principal causes of carbon deposit are: 1. Crowded city road. City crowded roads, traffic lights around the corner, frequent start and stop the vehicle. Because of the fuel injector nozzle is opposite the inlet valve head and neck injection, the engine before spewing oil cannot be stop burning, deposition in the inlet valve head and neck. Inlet valve head, neck, and as high as 300 ℃, the environment of fuel of gasoline volatilization walked, the colloid, wax deposition step by step on the inlet valve. Porous carbon deposit is easy to absorption of gasoline, produce more carbon deposit. 2. Motor short running for a long time. Engine at normal operating temperature for a long time the following operation, lead to combustion of gasoline is not sufficient, not combustion in gasoline composition will deposit in the surface of the piston and the combustion chamber, accelerating the formation of the carbon deposit. 3. Bad engine inlet valve seal. Inlet valve seal bad, causing the oil infiltration. On the inlet valve of engine oil low temperature evaporation residue, oil due to combustion difficulties form carbon deposit. 4. To reduce engine, a large number of high speed and high compression ratio. The generation of carbon deposit in the further improve the compression ratio of engine, are prone to detonation. Detonation and uneven, inadequate combustion in the gasoline composition of unburned in deposition on the piston and the surface of combustion chamber, which in turn accelerate the formation of carbon deposit. Parts and harms of the carbon deposit what are easy to produce the part of the carbon deposit mainly include: inlet valve head and neck section, inlet valve, intake manifold, valve, piston, and the combustion chamber, etc. The harm of carbon deposit are mainly: 1. The car speed up bad. Carbon deposit reduces the inlet channel, reduces the filling coefficient, thus cause cylinder pressure increased, the ignition delay time, led to the decrease of the engine power. 2. It is hard to start vehicles. Carbon deposit into into the valve seat of the channel, can cause lack of cylinder pressure. In addition, the startup of jet fuel by carbon adsorption, results in a thin mixture in the cylinder, the engine can't start properly. 3. Engine idle speed instability. When the carbon deposit adhesion in the inlet valve and air valve, engine can't accurate control to the number of air and fuel combustion chamber, causing the engine idle speed instability. 4. Fuel consumption increase. When the accumulation of carbon deposit in the combustion chamber, likely to cause detonation, lead to the engine ignition delay, power down, 4 to 5% increase in fuel consumption. 5. Emissions levels. Carbon deposit in a mixture of gasoline and air ratio imbalance, leading to combustion of gasoline is not sufficient, CO and HC in the exhaust gas increases, the discharge is not up to standard. 6. Engine failure. When the inlet valve stem with carbon deposit, can make the valve stem with catheter hairpin, lead to impact valve piston engine sound, which cause the damage of the inlet valve and the piston. More about 'what are the causes of carbon deposit? What are parts and harms of the carbon deposit 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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