What are the classification of the door? How to check the car door

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
The door ( cardoor) Is to provide drivers and passengers in and out of the vehicle, and isolation from the outside interference, to a certain extent, reduce side impact, protect the occupant. The car is beautiful is also related to the modelling of the door. The classification of the below small make up with you about the door have? How to check the car door? Door what are classified according to its open mode can be divided into the following kinds: shun: open the door even in the car can still borrow air pressure when closed, safer, and facilitating the driver when reversing backward observation, so it is widely used. Inverse: open the door in the car if closed lax will made by the head-on flow, therefore use less, just hop on and off in order to improve convenience and suitable for hospitality etiquette need to adopt. Horizontal movable door: it has the advantage of the body wall and obstacle distance can still all open under the condition of rather smaller. The lift doors: widely used for the back door of the car and light buses, also applied to the low car. The folding door, is widely used in large and medium-sized passenger car. Car door by door, door accessories, and commonly trim cover three parts. Door, including door inside plate, car door plate, the door window frame, door strengthened beam and reinforcing plate. Door accessories including the opening of the door hinge, door stop, door lock mechanism and inside and outside handle, door glass, glass lifts and sealing strip. Interior trim cover plate including fixed plate, core board, within the inner skin, armrest. Door according to the production process can be divided into the following kinds: : integral door inside and outside the plate after the whole steel plate stamping package edge, mode of production of the first mould cost is larger, but the related fixture fixture can be reduced, the material utilization rate is low. Split type door: the car frame assembly and the door of the inner and outer plate assembly welding and become, door frame assembly can be produced by rolling way, the cost is low, productivity is higher, the overall corresponding mold cost is low, but the late fixture jig cost is higher, and poor process reliability. Integral door and separation in the overall cost is not very big difference, mainly according to the related requirements of the modelling of the structure of the form. The current automobile modeling the demand is higher, and the demand is higher production efficiency, the door overall structure trends and separation. New car door check how to check the car door, to observe the border of the new car doors for tiny ripples, check new car of A column, column B, C column if there is A problem, but also to see if new car frame on the prism have rust, this is the place where is very easy to A problem, because A lot of people when I opened the door, you accidentally hit the obstacles around the truck, so will cause the prism surface rust. New car door inspection, should pay more attention to when new test to observe the inspection of prismatic new car door although not as important as auto transmission inspection, but also cannot ignore, buy a new car, after all, if the door sealing is not good, cause leaks when it rains, or used to be a car accident in one thousand, that was not a very depressed. A, new car door closing check: to observe the gaps on both sides of the car door whether smooth, smooth, uniform size, whether fit at the same level, because if there is something wrong with the door installation, it is possible to the other side of the door above or below. This step in addition to look at, but also touch by hand. More than two, the car door open check: observe new car doors and A column, column B on the strip is normal, because if the strip installation is not correct, after the door closed and extrusion for many times, can lead to both sides of the strip shape. Such a new sealing is not too good, serious and may cause the rain to the new water inside the car. Three, the new car door check will take A closer look at A new car spare parts whether to paint the inside of the column is normal, the screw is strong. Is not only a screw here, actually new vehicle examination when the position of the screw, will take a closer look at. Four, many times for each door switch, the feeling in the process of the switch, is smooth and natural, if there is a sound. Helpful hints: check the operation of the new car door, be sure to back and forth many times to and directional observation, begin, so as to find problem. New car vehicle examination must not be frightened by this trouble, and new car door check can not only reflect on a door, to four new cars and seriously do the doors, so as to ensure the quality to a great extent. More about 'the classification of the door have? How to check the contents of the 'small make up new car door is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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