What are the classification of vehicle speed sensor? What are the vehicle speed sensor function

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
Vehicle speed sensor for automotive electronic control system of the information source, are key components in automotive electronic control system, it is also one of the core content of automotive electronic technology research. It detects electric vehicle speed, the control computer with the input signal to control the engine idle speed, automatic transmission torque converter locking, automatic transmission shift and the opening of the engine cooling fan and cruise constant speed and other functions. Below small make up with all of you what are the classification about the vehicle speed sensor? What are the vehicle speed sensor function? What are the vehicle speed sensor classification 1. Magnetoelectric speed sensor magnetoelectric speed sensor is an analog communication signal generator, they produce alternating current signal, and usually consists of taking two terminal of magnetic core and coils. The two coil terminal is sensor output terminal, when the ring made of iron vane ( Sometimes referred to as magnetic group wheel) Moving through the sensor coil to produce ac voltage signal. Magnetic wheel set of each gear will have one-to-one series pulse, its shape is the same. The amplitude of the output signal ( Peak to peak voltage) With magnetic group is directly proportional to the speed of the wheel ( The speed of the car) Magnetic group, the frequency of the signal size in the speed of the wheel size. Air gap between the core and magnetic sensor group wheel has enormous influence on the size of sensor input signal amplitude, if in magnetic group of wheel teeth removed one or more can generate the sync pulse to determine the position of the top dead center. This will cause the change of the output signal frequency, and also on tooth to reduce the output signal amplitude change, engine control computer or ignition module on the sync pulse signal to determine the time or fuel injection time trigger electrical fire. 2. Hall speed sensor hall effect sensor ( Switch) In automotive applications is very special, this is mainly due to the transmission conflict, space positions around the hall effect sensor is a solid sensor, which is mainly used in crankshaft Angle and camshaft position, is used to switch the ignition and fuel injection circuit is triggered, it is also used in other needs to control the position of the moving parts and speed control computer circuits. Hall effect sensors or switches, almost completely closed by a contain of magnetic circuit of part of the permanent magnets and magnetic pole, a soft magnet rotor blades through the air gap between the magnets and magnetic poles, on the rotor blades of window allows the magnetic field is not affected through and reach the hall effect sensors, while no window part of the interrupt magnetic field, as a result, the role of the rotor blades window is switch magnetic field, make the hall effect like switch to turn on and off, this is some automakers will hall effect sensors and other similar electronic devices called hall switch, the component is actually a switch device, and its key feature is the hall effect sensor. 3. Photoelectric speed sensor, speed sensor is a solid state photoelectric semiconductor photoelectric sensor, it consists of the turntable of perforated two conductor fibre light, a light emitting diode, as a light sensor, photoelectric triode. A based on the photoelectric triode amplifier to provide enough power for engine control computer or ignition module of signal, the photoelectric triode amplifier and digital output signal, Switch pulse) 。 Light-emitting diodes (leds) through the potter's wheel Kong Zhao light to the photodiode to realize transmission and reception. Wheel of hole can open and close to the light source on the photoelectric triode, triggering the photoelectric triode and amplifier, make them like a switch to open or close the output signal. From the oscilloscope to observe the method of photoelectric speed sensor output waveform with hall speed sensor is exactly the same, just the photoelectric sensor has a weakness that they to oil or stolen goods in the interference of light through the rotary transmission is very sensitive, so the function of the photoelectric sensor components are usually designed to be sealed very well, but the damage to the distributor or packing containers in use can make oil or stolen goods into the sensitive area, this can lead to performance problems and generate fault codes. What are the 1 vehicle speed sensor function. To test the car speed, and testing results of the input to the automobile instrument system, is used to display speed. 2. Will detect knot speed signal input to the speed signal of auto control system of the ECU; 3. Used in the automatic transmission system, cruise constant speed system; What are the categories above about the vehicle speed sensor? Vehicle speed sensor function what are the contents of the 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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