What are the effect of cooling liquid tank? How to change cistern coolant by yourself

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
Radiator coolant for novice drivers is very strange, but water coolant is an indispensable part of engine, radiator coolant if failed affect the engine work, the owner can change yourself. The next and everyone on the radiator coolant what effect is there? How to change cistern coolant by yourself? What role radiator coolant tank coolant is an indispensable part of automobile engine. It is circulating in the engine cooling system, the excess heat generated by the engine work away, make the engine can work in normal temperature operation. When coolant is insufficient, will make the engine water temperature is too high, and cause the damage of the engine parts. Owners once found insufficient cooling fluid, should be added in time. But cooling fluid can't literally add, because in addition to cooling, cooling fluid should also has the following functions: 1, the winter freeze protection to prevent the car parking in winter, cooling fluid caused by ice water tank, engine cylinder body burst, demand of cooling fluid should be below the freezing point temperature around 10 ℃, the lowest in the region in case the weather mutations. 2, anticorrosion coolant should prevent the metal parts corrosion, prevent aging rubber parts. 3, prevent scale cooling fluid in the loop should be as little as possible to reduce the production of scale, in order to avoid blocking circulation pipe, affect the cooling system of heat dissipation function. To sum up, when choosing, add coolant, should be careful. First of all, should according to the specific situation to choose appropriate proportion of engine cooling fluid cooling fluid. Next, add the cooling fluid. Will choose good matching of the cooling liquid added to the water tank, the liquid level at location specified. 4, high boiling point ( The water boiled) Meet the national standards of cooling liquid, the boiling point is usually more than 105 ℃, compared to water the boiling point of 100 ℃, the cooling fluid tolerated higher temperature without boiling ( Boiled) , to some extent to meet the high load of engine cooling cooling needs. How to replace the radiator coolant yourself replace the radiator coolant method is as follows; Connecting line is to change the equipment of the line and the first line of the vehicle do links, pull down the vehicle tank on the pipe, and then use BG in liquid cooling system service professional connector, and the water pipe are connected, and metal buckle to be fixed. Because of not start the engine at this stage, the above a series of operations are not under the state of high temperature, so the operator has formed a good protection, to avoid the unnecessary burns. Then the BG specially developed to replace the coolant code-named 'CT2' professional equipment of power drive line connected to car battery, borrow the car battery power to drive to work. Don't have power to participate in other, on the one hand, simple and convenient, easy to operate; On the other hand also avoid more operational risk to join. In liquid to prepare pipe sections and the power has now been set up, now in liquid preparation. First to use a soft plastic tube from the deputy kettle of water tank out of a cooling fluid, make room for a subsequent cleaning agents to join. After this step is for the preparation of the steps below will reveal the article first puts forward the cleaning tips, suspense immediately solve for you. Deputy kettle of coolant, spare part to join in the tank BG540 cooling system cleaner. Owners may doubt, replace the coolant in making clear why. For example, the change of engine cooling fluid is like a glass of milk stains, if in the case of unwashed pour fresh milk will output a certain case of metamorphism. An engine, impurities, deterioration of the material in the engine residue is overmuch, can make the water tank for temperature control, also can affect engine performance of the play, severe cases will affect the normal operation of the engine. Professional cleaner vehicles for BG is now imported water tank, the next thing to do is to start the car engine. Attention! So it is not to do when he worked in a car engine operation to change fluid work, but to allow the temperature of the water tank to ascend, into the normal working state, waiting for the start of the temperature rise to a cooling fan operation, can be closed. In liquid preparations before now officially come to an end, the following will be the official start of the central part of the operation. To pass through the professional connector and hose BG professional equipment for auto radiator docking, hold the later start professional connector on the flow switch, and then began to BG professional equipment with the power switch at the same time, the rest is quiet waiting for 30 minutes. In the following step of better compared with POTS will replace down old coolant is filled out. The above about the radiator coolant what effect is there? How to replace the radiator coolant 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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