What are the functions and characteristics of Car gasoline pump

by:DEFUS     2020-05-25

The gasoline pump of the car is generally installed in the main fuel tank. For some models, the saddle type is divided into the main fuel tank and the auxiliary fuel tank. The fuel in the auxiliary fuel tank uses the principle of siphon. Suction and transfer to the main fuel tank. The fuel pump is composed of an electric motor, a pressure limiter, and a check valve. The electric motor actually works in the fuel in the oil pump casing. Some people may worry about safety, do n’t worry about danger, because there is nothing in the casing that can ignite. Fuel can also lubricate and cool the fuel motor. Under the thrust of the pump, fuel enters from the inlet, enters the inner cavity of the motor, and finally flows out through the outlet of the electric fuel pump. During the flow of fuel, the motor can be The heat of the cassette is taken away to play the role of heat dissipation. A check valve is installed at the oil outlet, and the pressure limiter is located at the pressure value of the oil pump housing, with a passage leading to the oil inlet. When the engine is turned off, the pressure of the fuel system will be lost. Once there is no residual pressure, it is easy to get angry in the pipeline at high temperature, which will make the engine restart difficult. To this end, a check valve is provided in the fuel pump. When the fuel pump stops running, the check valve closes to maintain the residual pressure in the fuel line, which is convenient for the engine to restart. In order to prevent the fuel pressure delivered by the electric fuel pump from being too high (the pressure of the fuel pump mainly depends on the standard of the pressure limiter), the pressure limiter will open the bypass, so that the fuel with high pressure returns to the fuel pump inlet. The main features of the fuel pump are: compact structure, low cost, single-supply oil intake, overpressure oil spill. Working principle: Simply put, after the permanent magnet motor is energized, the pump body is rotated to suck the fuel from the fuel inlet, flow through the interior of the electric fuel pump, and then press out from the oil outlet to the float chamber of the carburetor to supply the entire fuel System oil.                                

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